Up Close With KITH’s Beachy Summer 2022 Capsule

What with all the exacting design that goes into a seasonal KITH drop, it’s important to take the time to soak up the details lest the collection’s scale overwhelm the exacting ideation behind each piece. That’s where we come in, partnering with KITH to dive deeper beyond the stylish campaign imagery to uncover the intelligent craft underpinning each major moment.

For the second part of KITH’s Summer 2022 collection, the New York-based brand is looking to a moody beach scene more in line with the coasts of Long Island than the big city that gives the Empire State its name.

But these are the dog days of summer. No one wants to be stuck pacing the boiling pavement of Manhattan; we’d all much rather be soaking up the sun while imbibing cooling ocean breeze.

Even if your vacation plans aren’t taking you somewhere sandy (if you have plans at all), partake in the oceanside aesthetic with drop two of KITH Summer 2022.

We’ve got pool-ready swimwear, shirts glimmering with silk luster, and sandals begging to be broken in during summer’s sweatiest days.

A natural follow-up to KITH’s recent Vans collection and collaborative New Balances, drop two of Summer 2022 delivers the statement patterns that simple summer styling demands, amped up with thoughtful manufacture and easy silhouettes.

Don’t think about it, just go.


This is KITH’s bread and butter. All-over printed floral hoodies, restyled KITH branding atop pale pastel tees, silk/cotton shirting, a bikini graced by the seasonal patterns: drop two comprises fewer than two-dozen individual styles but it packs a lot into its minimal footprint.

Here’s where we take a moment to appreciate the distinct patterns that inform KITH Summer 2022.

“Medallion” is exactly what it sounds like: micro and macro all-over shapes that recall intricate medals. “Azulejo Tile” borrows its hand-drawn patchwork pattern from the real-world Azulejo, a form of painted and glazed ceramic tiles that originated in Spain and Portugal. “Vintage Roses” looks like grandma’s wallpaper blown-up, restored to painterly quality, and delicately arranged atop a sepia-hued backdrop.


Fabrics seen in the collection of layering pieces — that silk/cotton blend, a breathable cotton seersucker — are repurposed for a brief selection of easy pants and lounge-y shorts.

Simple and easy, this is KITH summer epitomized. The brand’s shorts are a particularly serial hit with fans, tailoring the best elements of athletic shorts to effortless perfection. Forget the inseam debate, these shorts ain’t long, nor should they be.


Summer doesn’t start ’til the KITH hats emerge. This drop sees KITH expanding its already far-reaching headwear offering with graphic buckets and New Era in a palette that perfectly matches the apparel.

The fun really begins, however, when we get into the accessories proper. There’s a pair of pattern-drenched umbrellas, an inflatable swim ring, and lightweight foulard scarf all on hand and if you can’t devise a stylish beach getaway outta all this, you need to meditate on outfit fundamentals.


The Birkenstocks are back, baby.

Arizonas are on deck, replete in the now-familiar Medallian pattern that’s cropped up throughout the second drop from KITH’s Summer 2022 collection but finished with flair: note the tasteful brass buckles and contrasting white footbeds that really let the straps pop.

For those seeking something safer, KITH has a couple timeless slide sandals in the chamber, making the most of its vivid prints.

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