For Winter, Loro Piana Presents Paradise

A lot of brands in the LVMH stable make nice clothes (how’s that for an understatement) but Loro Piana might be the most low-key of ’em all. Its exquisite wares are impossibly fine, something you likely wouldn’t notice until you got right up in them.

Loro has banger creative direction, though, and is more than capable of presenting its finery in the finest of fancy photos. Lensed by Mario Sorrenti, Loro Piana’s Fall/Winter 2022 campaign epitomizes exquisite elegance, with the lush hills of Brittany, France, playing host to the brand’s plush AF fur, leather, cashmere, and leather.

Shop on Loro Piana’s website if you like, but if I was to consider a $3,250 cashmere sweater or $1,074 knit polo shirt, I’d rather handle it IRL.

That’s when you notice the lush details, like the polo’s bespoke collar, created on the loom by a skilled artisan. You can actually touch Loro Piana’s “Wish” wool, which is so sumptuous that its name is copyrighted.

That’s what you’re paying for (along with the name on the tag, of course).

Yes, the delicately fringed scarves, supple suede overshirts, and textured wool tailoring looks lovely in Sorrenti’s imagery, but they make much more sense when you handle them in-hand at one of Loro’s stores.

And I’m not out here stanning for any ‘ol luxury imprint, I’m just legit impressed by Loro’s stuff. This is luxury that lives up to the label.

This fastidious attention to craft has made Loro Piana exceedingly popular in Japan, where it’s a heritage icon.

Hence why Loro Piana’s most recent collaborators include fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara and Chitose Abe’s sacai: these folks get why it’s appealing to be associated with the name Loro Piana.

Certainly there are plenty of other designers and brands who’re content to order Loro Piana textiles for the sake of making their own quality goods, but nothing wrong with going straight to the source.

It’s funny that of all the wonders that Loro Piana is capable of creating, nothing is quite as popular as its Summer Walk loafers, a sleeper hit with the upper crust of society, the folks who have more money than they know what to do with.

There are worse brands to be buying for the coin, to be sure, but perhaps they’d consider delving deeper into Loro Piana’s vision once they witness the elegant imagery above.

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