New Father A$AP Rocky Is Dressing Like a Cool Dad

New father A$AP Rocky is staying busy in New York. As busy as he is to stylishly grabbing grub with wife Rihanna and reportedly going stroller shopping for his son, Rocky’s been spotted wearing the same outfit a couple days in a row.

Well, no longer: Rocky is feeling refreshed and is dressed the part.

Spotted strolling lower Manhattan on July 28, Rocky apparently went out to get his hair done, which would explain why he’d had his dome covered with a furry “wig” for a brief spell.

Rocky’s fresh, intricate braids end in beads which, as Morgan Smith explained to me, is a hairdo usually worn by Black girls. This is why you don’t pigeonhole the fashion killa: no element of style is off limits to Rocky, so long as he likes it.

Otherwise, it’s flex-worthy business as usual, as Rocky swaps his silk shirt and track pants for a destroyed vintage Charlatans T-shirt, studded Kapital jeans that he might’ve bought from New York store MANNAHATTA, and a pair of properly elderly ASICS.

This is dad style done the A$AP way, with Rocky’s inimitable spin on the usual worn-out T-shirt, baggy jeans, and athletic sneakers your pops would likely wear to take out the trash.

But, this being Rocky, things are kicked up a notch by the brand selection and faultless accessorizing.

Rocky’s wearing a big ol’ ring — that’s not Rocky’s Rihanna ring mind you — with earrings, necklace, bracelet, and studded Gucci belt to match, and that’s not even going into his EDC.

Clutched in one fist, Rocky totes a Louis Vuitton and Goyard card holders, and a cutesy character keychain thing.

Rocky’s casual style is a masterclass in easy drip, as the kids say. No fuss, no muss, just killer clothes worn with effortless ease, epitomizing the disaffected cool dad.

He’s married to the only person more stylish than himself, after all, so props to Rocky for making it look so simple.

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