‘Renaissance’ Celebrates Beyoncé’s Closet, From Telfar to Tiffany

Public service announcement: Beyoncé’s back. And thanks to her latest album Renaissance, we know what she keeps in her designer rotation (spoiler: she still loves Telfar).

Dropped on July 29, Renaissance, Beyoncé’s long-awaited seventh studio album, issued an hour and two minutes of dance-floor-worthy hits that’ll make even the most oontz-oontz-opposed individuals tap a foot to the beat.

On top of her intoxicating beats, Bey laid down her most angelic and risqué vocals and bars yet, resulting in a hefty amount of Instagram caption-worthy quotes.

Not to mention, Bey also provided insight into her fashion taste through special shoutouts to designer labels on several tracks from the album.

From her ambassadoree Tiffany & Co. to Telfar, Beyoncé’s Renaissance is the the closest we’ll get the singer’s closet of luxury and haute couture, imaginatively speaking that is.

“I’m That Girl”

For Renaissance‘s first track, Beyoncé rightfully reminds us that she is still “that girl.”

While Bey herself doesn’t namedrop Tommy Hilfiger, “I’m That Girl” does sample Tommy Wright III’s lo-fi Memphis banger “Still Pimpin” which sees Princess Loko rapping, “Coming on the scene with the Tommy Hilfiger.”

However, nothing with Bey goes without intention.

In 2004, Beyoncé served as the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star perfume campaign, earning her a $250K check. On top of being the fragrance’s poster girl, she also made an exclusive EP called True Star: A Private Performance.

Could we get a reunion at Hilfiger’s grande NFYW return? It’s extremely unlikely, but I wouldn’t be mad at it.

“Alien Superstar”

Of course, “Alien Superstar” features one of the album’s many Tiffany & Co. references. Hello, she and Jay-Z are the new faces of the brand, people.

“Tiffany Blue billboards over that ceiling (Unique) / We don’t like plain,” Beyoncé states in the song.

With the couple’s Tiffany “About Love” campaign, Beyoncé became the fourth woman and first Black woman in history to wear the Tiffany diamond in the visuals. I’d be bragging about my billboards, too.


“Heated” saw Queen Bey boasting about her Hermès and Chanel flexes via lyrics like “Like Coco Chanel, put me up in jail.”

Beyoncé also says, “Got a lot of bands, got a lot of Hermès on me,” nodding to the Hermès’ hefty price tags , evident with its $100k-plus Birkin bags and $500 phone power banks.

“Summer Renaissance”

Versace, Bottega Veneta, and Louis Vuitton, oh my. “Summer Renaissance” saw a healthy amount of designer namedrops.

“Versace, Bottega, Prada, Balenciaga, Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, collect your points, Beyoncé,” Beyoncé sensually brags on the world’s hottest brands, as if she’s reading the Lyst rankings.

Did Bey also become a data analyst and dictate the shopping company’s quarterly report during her music hiatus?

“This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them shits in storage / I’m in my bag,” Beyoncé confirms she’s still a fan of Telfar’s “Bushwick Birkin” after copping the brand’s white handbag in 2021.

With approval straight from Bey’s mouth, Telfar already used the song’s mention to promote its upcoming Pool Blue handbag restock.

The Telfar reference on “Summer Renaissance” concludes the song and album, essentially bringing the project to a harmonious finish with lyrics emphasizing the beginning of Beyoncé’s musical — if I may — renaissance.

Where’s the mind-blown emoji when you need it?

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