These Namacheko Gloves Look Wild, Literally

Namacheko is one of my favorite brands at the moment. It’s effortless ability to make the outlandish seem vaguely normal – in a luxurious way – never ceases to amaze.

Nothing is off limits either. From mad outerwear and super-chunky knitwear, to its recently-revealed panel-heavy sneakers for SS23, Namacheko continues to get things right time and time again.

For its latest trick, the Belgium-based brand – Antwerp, to be exact – is dropping a quartet of furry gloves as a part of its FW22 collection, and they’re really something to behold.

Revealed via co-founder Dilan Lurr’s personal Instagram account, the gloves – which arrive in shades of blue, yellow, green, and brown – are akin to the very hands of the Cookie Monster, Honey Monster, Grinch, or a classic grizzly bear, and are set to land online soon.

Created using a traditional table cutting method in the heart of Hungary, the gloves are stretched using old wooden forms and hand-cut; a technique that’s been used exclusively for making gloves for over 150 years.

Since Namacheko’s inception in 2017, it has drawn inspiration from the life experiences of its sibling co-founders for each collection, both of whom were born in Iraqi Kurdistan, before relocating to Sweden in 1997.

While the exact inspiration for these furry numbers remains unknown at the time of writing, what we do know – and all we really care about – is that they’re absolutely wild, which is a good thing.

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