In a Short Shirt, Jaden Smith Sets a High Bar

At the premiere of Louis Vuitton’s latest exhibit on July 28, celebrities hit the red carpet wearing exactly what you’d expect LV ambassadors to wear. Monogrammed jackets, bags, sneakers, yep yep. Thank god for Jaden Smith, who came specifically to shut shit down.

Sure, Smith dressed up. But in doing so, he upended the deluge of same-y luxury outfits.

Smith wore a women’s Louis Vuitton floral trucker jacket by Nicolas Ghesquière, washed-out LV jeans, his own monogrammed trunk, and because Jaden’s a New Balance lifer, an old pair of Aimé Leon Dore’s 550s.

Smith has been a Ghesquière muse for a while now. As Louis Vuitton’s first male womenswear ambassador, Smith has been demonstrating the house’s major crossover appeal beyond outside of Virgil Abloh’s expansive body of work.

As for the 550s, that’s a new one.

Smith is usually spotted wearing an iteration of his ultra-chunky New Balance Vision Racer sneaker but can’t say I’m shocked to see him flexing ALD’s ultra-popular collab in its place.

That specific grey colorway is so popular that it even informed the recent ALD 650s.

“200 TRUNKS, 200 VISIONARIES: THE EXHIBITION,” which is why the celebs were out, is hosted on Rodeo Drive, where Louis Vuitton recently opened a new menswear store.

The store is separate from the exhibit, though, which is instead housed inside the 468 North Rodeo Drive space that LV often uses for its exhibits.

Having already taken France and Singapore, “200 TRUNKS” is open to the Angelenos through the “200 TRUNKS” website, where interested visitors can acquire a ticket to peruse the show.

It does indeed offer 200 unique remixes of the LV trunk by a vast array of creatives, which includes NIGO, BTS, architect Peter Marino, and toy company LEGO.

But it’s hard to get too excited about anything beyond Smith’s tiny top and hype sneakers, which set a high bar that the rest of the attendees couldn’t quite clear.

It’s a wild time for the Smiths right now, actually. The day after Jaden took the red carpet, Will made a public apology to Chris Rock over the infamous slap heard ’round the world.

But, for Jaden, that’s neither here nor there.

On July 28, all that mattered to the 24-year-old was pulling up to this LV event with style to spare.

Smith once told Highsnobiety that he considers himself a “vibe generator” and I’d say that might even be an understatement.

Especially with an otherwise tame red carpet, good vibes are cool but the importance of an electrifying outfit cannot be overstated.

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