Thomas Doherty’s Silk Robe & Air Jordan 1 Outfit Is Kind of a Vibe

Ah, to be Thomas Doherty, standing on a brownstone stoop in a silk robe and Air Jordan sneakers.

While filming the latest season of the Gossip Girl (not “Go Piss Girl”) reboot, actor Thomas Doherty got in character as the show’s liberating playboy-heartthrob Max.

The actor delivered his best pout, wearing a Nipoaloha peacock-printed silk robe and seriously-worn Air Jordan 1 “University Blue” sneakers.

The zero style coordination. The unwarranted outdoor appearance just to flex your $800 silk (not satin) robe. The complete disregard for the shoe’s haggard appearance because the rich can always just buy another pair or three.

For a fictional drama surrounding the lives of well-off adolescents at a posh private school, Gossip Girl‘s costume designer Eric Daman hits the mark on the modern-day rich kid aesthetic, especially with Doherty’s outfit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Doherty earned a few “fire ‘fit, bro” comments from a few genuine Upper East Side youth passing by the set.

I must also give Adams props for pairing Doherty’s sneakers with adidas socks. While brand clashing goes against the sneakerhead commandments, wealthy kids see it as nothing less than drip.

Interestingly, this is the second time I’ve seen a public figure sporting the icy blue Air Jordan 1s in the same week. Remember, Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Fiege sublty flexed the popular AJ1 colorway during the film franchise’s panel at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con.

Aside from the unhinged logo discrepancy and the complete disregard for proper shoe care, Doherty’s look is honestly kind of relatable vibe. Maybe, I’ll swap out my slippers for sneakers during my early morning porch visits in my bath robe.

Anyways, I can’t call it a trend just yet, seeing as I haven’t spotted a third figure sporting the kicks.

However, it’s not shocking to see Air Jordan 1 “University Blue” slowly re-emerging in street style again after enjoying much popularity in 2021.

This time, I fear the shoe’s renaissance may be in the hands of the elite, both fictional and IRL.

Looking back at Doherty’s outfit, let’s hope this doesn’t become the next dirty shoe (P.S. clean your Air Force 1s, folks).

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