Press Play on Stone Island’s AW22 Collection

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Outerwear season lies in wait, and with it, a slick selection of top-tier technical pieces from Stone Island. As we hurtle towards the seasonal transition, the Italian sportswear aficionados crack open the seal on its FW22 collection video, showcasing its biggest and best.

By now, you know the drill with Stone Island’s seasonal rollouts. It’s a strategic drip feed, littering crumbs that begin with a tight focus on the upcoming collection’s icons. When the upcoming collection’s icon imagery landed a month ago, my eyes were fixated on its reflective pieces (a true specialty of the brand), as well as its beautifully intricate knitwear.

As is standard, the collection’s video showcase follows, which has now arrived. Unlike the icon images, the video takes a broader look at the line-up as a whole, fixing attention on core pieces such as sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and accessories in a full spectrum of color.

Best of all, the showcase runs through the brand’s fan-favorite subcategories, Ghost and Marina. This provides our best look so far at what each will have to offer in the coming months. Something that I found particularly interesting is the choice to switch out olive-toned Ghost pieces for a deep shade of grey.

Furthermore, several new and returning fabrications take point throughout the video, with fleecing, mixed knits, and the previously mentioned reflective materials stealing the show.

One piece, in particular, a new variation on a multi-functional hat and balaclava, appears twice in alternate colors, and if I know one thing about the UK market’s SI fans, it’s that this piece was fly off shelves.

While the Stone Island FW22 video gives us our best look at the collection yet, there’s still plenty to be desired, and if the rollout formula continues to stay true to previous seasons, we can expect more in the coming days.

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