The Only Thing More Indulgent Than Christine Quinn’s Lambo Is Her Outfit

If someone told me that Selling Sunset was specifically designed by a focus group to be the perfect hate-watch show, I’d believe it. Similarly, if I was told that Christine Quinn was designed by the same focus group to be the physical manifestation of cartoonish ultra-indulgence, I’d believe that too.

Hence why I’m not even remotely surprised to see Christine Quinn stepping out of a yellow and black Lamborghini in matching racing gear that boasts a built-in cone bra and corset pants.

Is the sky blue? Do Oreos taste better when you keep them in the fridge? is Christine Quinn likely so unbearably wealthy that she could, if she wanted, fill a swimming pool with gold coins to dive into à la Scrooge McDuck? These are simply the facts of life.

Wearing a full moto gear set-up from indie designer NAMILIA down to the chain-dragging handbag, Quinn looked every part a yassified Formula 1 driver. Lewis Hamilton with a pointy-boobed crop top! Schiaparelli who?

This is the natural evolution of the moto gear trend, wherein everyone from Kanye to Yoon has incorporated race gear into their designs.

It’s not a direct imitation of racing gear, obviously, as Quinn’s NAMILIA outfit is made more feminine by the cropped jacket, laced pants, heels, and form-fitting cut. Aerodynamic, sure, but not so protective.

Christine Quinn, should you mercifully be unaware, is one of the plasticine personalities who wine and dine on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Therein, a brain trust of real estate agents are ruled over by two diminutive bald twins in their quests to sell shockingly expensive Los Angeles homes to the rich and brainless.

It’s a delicious watch, one that goes down as smoothly as any other vapid reality show.

To get the correct headspace, try to survive Selling Sunset‘s entire soundtrack of tepid pop music, which some brave individual collated into a Spotify playlist.

Christine Quinn is one of Selling Sunset‘s breakout stars. She’s leveraged that ignomy into a career as an influencer of sorts.

Quinn has partnered with Samsung, launched a shoe collection, and co-founded Real Open, a company that claims to be “bridge between the bright future of digital assets and anachronistic industries in need of disruption.”

In English: it lets extremely rich people buy real estate with cryptocurrency.

It’s all for fun though. Ostentatious demonstrations of flamboyant excess, like Quinn’s Lambo/outfit flex, are a nice reminder that we oughta be thankful for whatever meager scraps we do have rather than get emotional about all the conspicuous consumption.

At least that’s how I take it: it’s certainly far too ridiculous to actually be aspirational. As a wise woman once said, “There’s people that are dying.” Enjoy the spectacle and don’t think too much about it.

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