Brad Pitt Who? A$AP Rocky Flexes a Leather Skirt

Skirt season is officially underway. A$AP Rocky is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money with his own black skirt, upping the ante over Pitt’s comparably breathable kilt with a sheathe of shiny leather.

Let’s back up. Throughout the month of July, Brad Pitt broke the internet with a series of outrageously colorful suits, which he topped off with a linen skirt set that had folks equally salivating and seething, as if a man not wearing pants ought to be castigated.

Here comes A$AP Rocky, fresh from dressing like a stylish dad and angling for the skirt throne.

What’s the deal with all the skirts showin’ up right now, BTW? Did everyone just get really into 21 Savage?

Now, skirts for men is absolutely not a one-off fashion fling.

For years, we’ve seen fashionable dudes like Oscar Isaac and Russell Westbrook ditching pants for something that offers a little more breeze between the knees.

Who can blame ’em? Gender norms are so last-century: skirts for all.

Especially when they’re made by a rule-shattering designer like Thom Browne.

The trick, of course, is that you can’t just toss on a skirt and expect to look cool as is. It’s the same thing for pants, shirts, and really every other type of garment: at least some level of intentional styling is essential in attempting to look like you know what you’re doing.

A$AP Rocky’s skirt style is a bit safe in that regard, or it’s about as safe as a leather skirt in the middle of summer can be.

See, Rocky’s entire outfit comes by way of Matthew M. Williams’ Fall/Winter 2022 Givenchy runway, from his layered Givenchy-branded hoodies to chunky G Clog mules, which makes for an easily cohesive look that I cannot nitpick.

The vintage-y layering pieces, trendy kicks, and leather skirt itself all fit well within A$AP Rocky’s wheelhouse.

For the former, it’s basically what he was wearing last week and, for the latter, Rocky’s been repping skirts way before most dudes ever dared to escape the tedium of two-legged trousers.

Compared to Rocky’s most recent statement piece — a sparkly wig/hat thing — the leather Givenchy skirt is a worthy step beyond.

Frankly, this suits him better.

The more casual looks were picture-perfect daily driver stuff, don’t get me wrong, but the densely layered tops, beefy shoes, and, of course, knee-length skirt are what I’d imagine a progressive dude like Rocky, er, rocking when scrounging around for some designer loaners to flex.

why play things safe with track pants or T-shirts when you can level up beyond these basic bros by swapping pants for a skirt?

This is how Rocky thinks and if you ever wanna be a fashion killa yourself, you’d best be taking notes.

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