From the Ashes, alk phenix’s Waterproof Dailywear Returns

alk phenix is a great example of Japan-only brands that’re basically an exclusive spin-off of an international corporation for the Japanese market. The North Face Purple Label is an obvious example but also consider the Japanese arms of Helly Hansen (also operated by Goldwin), Converse, Champion, and Coleman (yes, the cooler company), which are all far more fashionable than their Western counterparts.

There’s some crossover between these brands and their American or European counterparts, for sure — Champion is wholly operated by Hanesbrands and The North Face Japan does get some of the VF Corp-owned company’s tech — but they’re usually quite distinct.

As the name implies, alk phenix is the stylish offshoot of Japanese skiwear brand Phenix, which is readily available across the globe. alk phenix, however, is Japan-only.

In this way, it recalls DAIWA PIER39, the fashion-forward sub-label operated by fishing company DAIWA. Both companies inform slick street-friendly staples with their parent company’s technical inclinations, though DAIWA PIER39 has proven far more popular, thanks to the savvy of its BEAMS-trained founder.

alk phenix even took a couple seasons off to find its footing before getting back into the game, so Fall/Winter 2022 is indicative of its refreshed approach to creation.

The FW22 lookbook showcases only a couple core looks, rather than stretching alk phenix’s creative limits with an expansive selection of outfits.

What results is a pretty tame selection of styles that are intentionally easy to wear day after day, regardless of weather.

The usual technical textiles are in place, with alk phenix utilizing the GORE-TEX Infinium that also appears in mainline Phenix wares, with additional inspiration drawn from the insulating snow gear worn by skiiers.

Technical outerwear is subtly lined with aerogel insulation, for instance, and often marked with reflected 3M accents that boost nighttime visibility. Surely it ain’t essential for your nightly stroll, but it can’t hurt.

Available in Japan through alk phenix’s website and domestic stockists, the Fall/Winter 2022 collection isn’t a flashy rebirth.

It’s more of a quiet return to form. alk phenix is too low-key to attract the same pomp and circumstance as DAIWA, but its nifty little bags and easy layering pieces deserve some respect. Nothing wrong with creating a reliable uniform.

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