It’s Official: Brad Pitt Looks Good In Absolutely Anything

There aren’t many things I can imagine Brad Pitt looking particularly bad in, but if I were to hazard a guess, it would probably be a bright green suit and a long-sleeved teal polo shirt.

Yet here we are, the day after the LA premiere of Bullet Train, and I’ve been proven wrong yet again.

The 58 year old – who has caught the sartorial headlines on a number of occasions during the premiere series of his new film – swanned into LA last night, clad in a bright green suit, long-sleeved teal polo, and a pair of “Yellow Velvet” Gazelles from the recent adidas x Gucci collection and, spoiler alert: it looked bloody great.

Pitt’s ongoing Bullet Train escapades have seen him delve into new realms when it comes to his fashion choices, with a blazer and matching skirt ensemble catching the eye in Berlin, the week after he graced Paris in another pair of adidas x Gucci, which sat beneath a relax and understated navy suit.

The actor has undoubtedly come a long way from his early days – think about that red cowboy hat and that time he wore a backwards cap at the premiere of The Transporter – and is a prime example of someone getting better with age.

While the bright green suit might not be to everyone’s personal taste – I mean, I’m 5ft 7” and would look like an apple if I wore it – but the way in which Pitt is now continuously able to pull off these questionable looks is nothing short of admirable.

And although Bullet Train has had some mixed reviews so far (I’ll reserve my judgement for now), at least the premieres will always be remembered for something good, even if the film flops heavy.

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