Platinum Blonde Seth Rogen Is Stylish as Hell

We’re a long way from the days of Seth Rogen, the schlubby stoner from Pineapple Express. No hate to the Rogen of old, either, he seemed no less likable than the Rogen of today. It’s just that, as of 2022, Seth Rogen is a veritable style icon.

Maybe it’s all the weed that’s got Rogen mellowing out, maybe it’s the success of his Houseplant company, which sells weed wares and home goods, that has him splashing out on cooler clothes.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Rogen’s getting inspired by the cool-looking pottery and ceramics that he’s been churning out over the past few years.

Compare his signature Gloopy Ashtray to the fresh shirt he rocked while taking a phone call outside his Hollywood home on August 1, for instance.

From head to toe, this is a whole new Seth Rogen. Let’s begin with the platinum blonde crop-top, which really frames his face perfectly. Gone are the curly locks, and good riddance.

Speaking of frames, the thin-rimmed glasses are doing wonders for Rogen’s visage. Same for the beaded necklace that gives his collar some flair.

But the main event is that nifty patterned shirt, printed with floral-style tiles, a camp collar, and a couple pockets that seem primed for stashing his glasses, lighters, or perhaps a little snack. 🙂

One thing I can’t stand in menswear-dom is when dudes play it too safe. So often, you see guys who look otherwise solid undercutting themselves with boring pants or obvious sneakers, rather than amping up the ‘fit.

Rogen gives no fucks and looks all the better for it.

Relaxed, cropped, and pleated carrot-cut pants in carrot orange? Mofuggin’ floral grandma socks? White espadrilles? Hell yes, my dude.

Unfortunately, Rogen’s nail game is regular degular right now (perhaps he’s in-between appointments) because that’s the only other way he coulda finished stronger.

This has been a good year for dudes who were once considered the epitome of scumbro steeze.

Rogen’s pall Jonah Hill has accepted his mantle as a steezy swaglord while preaching body positivity — dude ought to be holding paid seminars where he teaches dudes to dress with confidence.

Even Mr. Anti-Fashion himself, Pete Davidson, has embraced the world of luxury.

It’s a good time to be dressing up, even on days where you’re lounging around the crib and could very easily be dressed down.

For a guy whom I normally associate with a goofy laugh and goofier hair, Seth Rogen is onto some big thing, outfit-wise.

In fact, when we pull back and consider all the recent black sheep style icons, it’s shaping up to be a good season.

After all, we only just saw a CELINE puppy-plastered glow-up from Brett Gelman and Thomas Doherty making the case for slick silk and Jordans.

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