Merrell 1TRL’s Hydro Runner Is the Master of Versatility

I know I go on about it alot, but versatility is key when I’m scouting out a new pair of shoes. Whether I’m taking the bins out, taking the dog for a walk, or having a quick pint, I want a pair of shoes qualified to be with me every step of the way.

One of the most well-equipped silhouettes recently has been Merrell’s much-coveted Hydro Moc, an amphibious slip-on designed to be worn post activity: that means comfort, recovery and, most importantly, versatility.

While I’m not bored of the Hydro Moc by any stretch of my imagination, I am always on the lookout for an update, which is exactly what Merrell 1TRL – the brand’s premium line – has delivered with its new Hydro Runner.

Described by Merrell 1TRL as the “next chapter model” of the Hydro Moc, the Hydro Runner combines the relaxation of a classic sandal, with a breathable mesh layer, and the soles of a pair of trail runners.

If that doesn’t say (or maybe even scream) versatility, then I don’t know what does.

Alongside the Hydro Runner, Merrell 1TRL is also introducing new-look Moab Speed GORE-TEX, and the Shoreline Luxe, an updated take on an archival silhouette.

The collection also features the MTL Long Sky, which was the silhouette of focus for a collaboration with Adsum earlier this year that combined a combination of innovative trail running tech, with the unmistakable aesthetics of the New York-based label.

If Merrell 1TRL’s latest collection tells us anything, it’s that: whatever you’re looking for from a pair of shoes, it probably has the answer.

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