North West Punks the Paparazzi

North West is done with the paparazzi, let it be known. Unfortunate for the nine-year-old that her mother is the most famous woman in the world, then, but that won’t stop Northy from mouthing off to the shutterbugs that stalk her family.

Well, when I say mouthing off, I mean making funny faces.

On August 2, North West and mama Kim Kardashian were spotted at one of North’s art classes in Westlake Village, dressed head-to-toe in Balenciaga as per usual.

Presumably exhausted by the deluge of cameramen who follow her across the globe, North stuck her tongue out at the gaggle of paps laying in wait outside as she both entered and exited the building.

It was all for fun, though. Kim pulled her daughter away and they were soon off to the next adventure.

Cheekily prodding the paps isn’t necessarily unusual for North.

As Kanye’s eldest daughter has aged, she’s developed a real sense of humor, dancing outside of runway shows or goofing off on the Tiktok account that she shares with Kim. Most recently, North painted Kim up to look like one of those wacky tic-tacs, the Minions.

Some folks have expressed concern for North West growing up under the glare of foisted-upon stardom.

“There’s no possibility of a family not being deeply affected by the kind of celebrity we have today,” retired film historian Jeanine Basinger once said, and that presumably goes double for children.

Wouldn’t it be healthier for her to live like a normal kid, rather than an ultra-famous celebrity from birth who’s incapable of escaping the limelight?

These folks’ fears were seemingly confirmed when North was spotted during Paris Couture Week, where she held up a “STOP” sign at the paparazzi snapping her photo as she sat front-row at Jean Paul Gaultier.

Of course, no one actually stopped filming or snapping photos.

There’s certainly something to be said about child psychology but I am definitely not an expert so I will defer. Plus, who knows what exactly the Kardashians’ home life is like, anyways.

And with Kim and Kanye as your parents, your privacy is likely never gonna be respected. That’s at least part of how those folks make a living, after all.

North West seems to be a pretty normal kid, otherwise. Like I said, she’s often photographed fooling around with mom, playing with her siblings, and hanging out with dad.

It just so happens that she’s constantly dressed in full Balenciaga and surrounded by the pop of flashbulbs.

It’s actually remarkable how much Balenciaga both North and Kim wear on a daily basis, so much so that it’s headline news when the pair ever deviates.

On August 2, for instance, Kim was wearing her usual Balenciaga top with some slippers and adidas x Balenciaga track pants, while North was clad in her usual oversized graphic T-shirts, destroyed child’s jeans, and chunky sandals.

No YEEZY sunglasses in sight, however, so perhaps she left those at Kanye’s studio this past weekend.

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