This Body Wash Might Make You Cry

Phlur, the seven-year-old fragrance house recently revitalized by beauty and fashion influencer Chriselle Lim, is giving the people what they want: more ways to wear Missing Person, the brand’s smash hit of a scent that went viral on TikTok earlier this year, causing it to rack up a 200,000-person waitlist.

Missing Person — which restocked in June to satisfy demand — is now available as a body lotion and body wash, meaning you can incorporate the clean, soft musk in your shower routine.

Formulated to evoke the scent of someone you love (or used to love, as suggested by its name), Missing Person quickly became TikTok’s most-talked-about fragrance after stirring emotional reactions from several beauty influencers  — most notably Mikayla Nogueira, who held back tears after smelling it for the first time.

Drawing from the feeling of loss that Lim experienced in the wake of her divorce, Missing Person has a nostalgic quality to it, one that’s universally relatable: everyone has sniffed a T-shirt worn by a partner or family member as a reminder of said person.

The work of Constance Georges-Picot, Missing Person managed to unlock a certain sentimentality in thousands of customers, rendering it one of the industry’s most-hyped products. Its timing was also apropos: released during a pandemic that’s separated so many of us from our loved ones, a fragrance that reminds us of our most precious people taps into our very of-the-moment anxieties regarding love and loss.

So break out the tissues — Missing Person is coming for your entire beauty routine.

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