Contrary to the Name, WISH ME LUCK Doesn’t Need It

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When Alex Ordonez and Sam Dameshek founded WISH ME LUCK back in 2019, they did so with an aim of representing and empowering ambitious, risk-taking youths.

Inspired by their own barriers growing up, WML has since established itself as a brand with a loyal following, one that includes the likes of Rhianna and ASAP Rocky.

Both Ordonez and Dameshek were the subject of criticism for their creative ambitions during their formative years in Connecticut and California respectively, a criticism that now finds itself as the fuel to the WML fire.

Now, as they celebrate the brand’s third birthday, WML presents the second instalment of its Summer 2022 collection, which comprises a selection of cut and sew pieces ranging from nylon tracksuits to denim, and other various accessories.

“The inspiration always stems from American Vintage,” Ordonez tells Highsnobiety. “We wanted to make vintage themed hats and clothes more accessible, and with our latest collection we wanted to add a spin on it and blend a bit of modernization to it with some of the materials and concepts we’ve chosen to work with.”

Combining the creative worlds of fashion, music, and sports, WML tapped the likes of Idk, Bryant Gyles, and designer Shane Gonzales for the campaign, as well as pro skaters Alex Midler and Ishod Wair.

While the inspiration behind the clothing may stem from tradition and creativity, the goal to empower individuals to create their own luck, regardless of what stands in their way, is undoubtedly the brand’s driving force.

When asked where the brand sees itself in five years, Ordonez’s reply was refreshing: “We really just want to see it expand to live in many different worlds. We feel our brand is for everyone and not just one kind of person and we want to create something that resonates in a nostalgic way, but still feels new and inspiring at the same time.”

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