Did Lil Nas X Really Just Flex Some Timb-Force 1s?

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If you thought Lil Nas X’s demonic shoes were wild, wait till you see his latest Nike’s…no, wait, Timberlands? My brain hurts.

Lil Nas X kicked the month off in unhinged fashion, when he flexed his latest outlandish footwear on August 1: a pair of Timberland x Nike Air Force 1s.

The sh-boot manifests as crisp white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers up top and Timberland’s classic wheat boots on the bottom, becoming what very well may be the most powerful cultural link between two New York footwear icons.

What do we even call these, Mr. X? Butter-Force 1s? Timb-Airs? Timberland Uptowns? The possibilities are endless.

The rapper’s stylist, Hodo Musa, confirmed that the Timb-Forces are indeed a Lil Nas X original, ensuring that the “Montero” artist made the shoes himself.

The Lil Nas X x Timberland x Nike Air Force 1 shoe will obviously not be seeing an official release, especially when you consider that Nike probably isn’t a big Lil Nas X fan after the whole Satan Shoe debacle.

Lil Nas X collaborated with MSCHF to create the infamous Air Max 97 custom, which boasted actual blood in its Air sole.

Nike wasn’t happy that its AM97 received an evil twin without its say-so, so the sportswear giant hit MSCHF with a copyright infringement lawsuit, though it apparently had no issue with MSCHF’s Jesus Shoes.

Nike took legal action against the Brooklyn-based collective alone but Lil Nas X didn’t just sit on the sidelines: trolled the court battle on social media with endless memes and hilarious videos.

In his “Industry Baby” music video, Lil Nas only further teased the matter, with the blood-filled shoes appearing during a mock “Nike v. Lil Nas X” trial.

Could the Timberland-Air Force 1 shoe be another example of Lil Nas X’s direct Nike mockery? Maybe. Either way, I can’t see Nike letting bygones be bygones over a chaotic crossbred shoe.

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