For the First Time, David Casavant Is Selling His Archival Fashion Grails

Even if you don’t know the name David Casavant, you’ve definitely seen a famous person wearing clothing from his archive. Rihanna, Pharrell, Lorde, Paul McCartney (!), Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa… The list goes on and on, influencing countless younger archivists in Casavant’s wake.

And, yes, the list also includes Kanye West, pictured above wearing one of Casavant’s $47,000 Raf Simons bombers. But, as Ye and Casavant are currently embroiled in a legal row over unpaid fees, maybe his name is better left unsaid.

But Ye’s unreliability ain’t the point of bringing up Casavant’s vast archive.

The reason for the season is that Dover Street Market New York is hosting the first-ever sale from the David Casavant Archive, wherein the public will be granted a rare opportunity to shop Casavant’s painstakingly curated clothing.

On August 5, the same day that the retailer will reopen from the biannual renewal it undergoes each season, it’ll offer 26 pieces from Casavant’s collection.

Specifically, the offering comprises coveted garments from Prada, Raf Simons — including goods from Simons’ tenure at Calvin Klein and Jil Sander — and Casavant’s signature Helmut Lang stash.

“The ‘release’ is about [the clothes] journey continuing and not necessarily ending,” Casavant said. “The pieces all now have a mark made on them by me. I’m now adding a new component to the archive by releasing them back into the world.”

A couple vintage goods will also be on hand, reflective of Casavant’s taste reaching beyond apparel fitted with a designer’s label.

Actually, every item will include a commemorative David Casavant Archive label, displayed alongside the original tag, and a special hangtag that includes Casavant’s signature, the piece’s release date, and memorable moments from its past, including the famous folks who previously wore it.

These marks also denote the authenticity of Casavant’s designer wares.

“Pieces in my archive have a reputation for being authentic,” explained Casavant. “I collected almost all of them before fakes of this kind were even made. There are a lot of Raf fakes now so if you get it from my archive and it has my labels, this adds a layer of authenticity and even more value.”

Ranging in price from $150 to $13,000, there ought to be something here for everyone.

A suitable entrance into the retail realm for the man who basically wrote the book on collecting clothing.

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