FRAMA & Hender Scheme’s Veg-Tanned Furniture Gets Better With Age

Copenhagen-based design imprint FRAMA is famed in well-to-do circles for its quietly exquisite furniture, plush loungewear, and fuss-free scents, soaps, and washes. Hender Scheme is a Japanese company best known internationally for its leathery remakes of familiar footwear silhouettes. Together, the pair have concocted the ultimate set of gracefully-aging interior essentials.

It should be clarified that home goods and accessories are well within Hender Scheme’s wheelhouse.

Founder Ryo Kashiwazaki has always packed Hender Scheme’s seasonal collections with thoughtful pouches, boxes, wallets, and other doodads made of the brand’s signature vegetable-tanned leather or hairy suede, all available inside its gallery-like “Sukima” flagship stores.

FRAMA, likewise, is often keen to invite partners capable of bringing a unique perspective to its vision of sleek, unassuming things for the home.

Consider the kitchenware it co-created with Palsby, utilizing the wherewithal of Japanese craft to bring the matte utensils to life.

There’s that Japanese connection, too, which further unites FRAMA and Hender Scheme.

Crucially, an atmosphere of “minimalism” is at the core of both brands. That’s a loaded term, of course, and it’s bandied about with little care for its true intent but both FRAMA and Hender Scheme eschew extraneous branding and unnecessary flair in favor of the raw materials that they bend to their will.

Hence why FRAMA’s organic use of clay, aluminum, and wood meshes so neatly with Hender Scheme’s signature pale beige leather, which will darken with age to create a patina unique to each owner.

The neutral-toned collection comprises some new editions of OG Hender Scheme staples, like its leather clock ($330) and house slippers ($250), plus some of FRAMA’s own inimitable designs, like a cabinet from the Shelf Library system ($2,950), reformatted with a sheathe of leather draped like a curtain, a Tasca table ($1,850), and Adam stool ($620).

Should your living space somehow not benefit from the addition of a stool with a built-in leather-wrapped basket or a tiny stash tray, FRAMA and Hender Scheme have created a small cache of fragrance balls, called the Soil to Form $210).

Complete with aged leather tray, Soil to Form both retains scents and functions as customizable sculpture, of sorts.

Available from August 9 on FRAMA’s website and Hender Scheme’s web store, the collection will also be displayed for the rest of the month inside each company’s respective stores

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