10 Coats Getting Us Excited for Summer to End

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The joy of summer is quite short-lived in Highsnobiety land. While we’re all in favor of the sun and warmth, after a few weeks of it, the idea of next season’s coats begins to flicker to life in a dark corner of our communal psyche. That happened yesterday and what began as a small flicker has already become an all-encompassing blaze. The only way to extinguish it? Well, round up all the best coats for fall 2022 of course.

It’s finally not ridiculous to buy yourself a nice big jacket for the impending cooler weather. Whether you’re on the hunt for something lightweight that you can use to transition into fall or if you’re hoping to go all out already and cop a heavy down jacket to see you through the coldest parts of winter, our selection has you covered.

With pieces ranging from luxury labels like Issey Miyake and JW Anderson through to technical expertise from Ten C, the best coats for fall have every base covered. Ten C takes up three places in our roundup with three of the highlights from its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The Temptest Down Jacket, The Parka, and Sniper Down Jacket exemplify the label’s ability to craft beautiful items which balance style and substance.

Keep scrolling to find out which other labels made the cut and why they deserve a place in your collection of coats for fall.

Shop the best coats for fall 2022 below.

Ten C Tempest Down Jacket

Using Ten C’s signature bonded 11oz OJJ fabric, the Tempest Down Jacket is a feat of engineering. Not only is it super-lightweight and extremely warm, but its purple finish makes it a visual highlight of the season’s offering, too.

Ten C The Parka

The Parka

There’s only one parka for us this season: The Parka. Beginning with a shearling down liner and ending with a 12oz OJJ shell, The Parka is inspired by the fishtail parkas used by the US Army in the Korean war. Our favorite feature is the weight of the Original Japanese Jersey shell which softens over time, molding to your wear and displaying the signs of its history.

Ten C Sniper Down Jacket

Sniper Combo Down Jacket

Ten C’s Sniper Jacket is all about the details. The tonal beige palette might feel understated, but a closer look at what’s going on and you’ll change your mind. Multiple pockets inspired by the brand’s Survival Jacket couple with a hood and Sniper Parka flap made of bonded OJJ for high-level weatherproofing.

YMC Diddy Jacket

Diddy Jacket

In very different style to the Ten C selections, YMC’s Diddy Jacket shows the other side of coats for fall. This quilted jacket is ideal for the transitional period where technical weather protection isn’t so necessary. Subtle top-stitching gives this cotton piece a great texture to play with when styling.

Heliot Emil Reflective Down Jacket

Reflective Down Jacket

Copenhagen-based brand Heliot Emil has built a strong cult following since it was founded in 2017. Its experimentation with eye-catching fabrics stands as a major reason for its success. From liquid-look metallic pants to this reflective down jacket, each piece is underlined by technical ability and brutalist design ideals.

Issey Miyake Flip Coat

Flip Coat

Issey Miyake’s philosophy is that modern clothing should be easy to wear on all occasions, aiding everyday life while being beautiful. The Flip Coat lives up to this idea. The big proportions of the parka make it ideal for throwing on over any outfit, and a handy flip system allows you to fold up the bottom half to make it a waist-length jacket.

Ahluwalia Dapo Mackintosh

Dapo Mackintosh

Priya Ahluwalia has been one of our favorite labels to watch, season in, season out for several years now. Last season, one of our favorite coats on the market was a checked, single-breasted mac with a contrasting wave interrupting the check. To our great relief, the design is back in new colors this season.

Moncler Genius JW Anderson Skiddaw Jacket

JW Anderson Skiddaw Down Jacket

JW Anderson Skiddaw Down Jacket

(Available at 3 Merchants)

(Available at 3 Merchants)

Moncler Genius is always a great place to gain inspiration for the best coats for fall. Enlisting the help of luxury designers, the collaboration always offers functional perfection balanced by conceptual design. The Moncler Genius JW Anderson collection is arguably led by the Skiddaw Jacket, which softly treads the line between a transitional lightweight jacket and a down-padded winter coat.

New Balance Kimbia Parka

Kimbia Parka

New Balance usually sticks with classic sportswear designs but the Kimbia Parka shows the brand walking on the wild side. A multicolored marbled finish transforms the lightweight jacket into something that’s ready to turn heads.

Off-White™ Outline Diag Quote Puffer

Outline Diag Quote Puffer

We love details stitched into down jackets. The subtlety of it always stands out against the designs that look to bold prints to make their impact. The Outline Diag Quote Puffer from Off-White™ exemplifies the power of stitched details with the Arrows logo to the reverse and the Diag Stripe logo down each arm.

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