Wait, BTS & Snoop Dogg are Singing on Xbox Controllers Now?

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As far as I remember, Xbox controllers don’t sing – that is, at least, until benny blanco, BTS, and Snoop Dogg’s “Bad Decisions” got involved. Just can’t get enough of the track? Well, say hello to Microsoft’s first “singing controller.”

My friends in the UK, does anybody remember when McDonalds’ Happy Meals included little MP3 players? They were nothing spectacular; poor quality audio, but very colorful and packed one track each. One in particular only played Crazy Frog’s Axel F, and yes, it was as annoying as it sounds. Those are what I think of when I picture a singing Xbox controller.

Unfortunately, promotional materials have so far neglected to demonstrate how this updated device works, but if the official images are anything to go by, a speaker on the back replaces where the batteries would usually sit, making it highly unlikely that you’ll be seshing out games on Warzone or grappling around Halo Infinite with it anytime soon.

A quick browse of Xbox’s rules page, for the competition to win one of the 30 units that’s up for grabs, suggests this is a display-only piece of kit, in which case, this is less of a singing controller and more of a controller-shaped one track speaker.

To be honest, as a gamer, I do find this to be a pretty rogue piece of promotion. Watching the song’s music video, which has amassed 6 million views in less than 12 hours (a testament to BTS’ star power), there’s nothing to suggest that this partnership would make any sense. The fact that this collaboration also includes an exclusive in-game car for Forza Horizon makes it all the stranger.

That being said, if your inner BTS fan is screaming out for some Xbox-themed merch, you can try your hand at winning one of the controllers for yourself via Twitter.

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