Your Tattoos Need a Skincare Routine, Too

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Tattoos, meet your new best friend: Foreverist, a skincare line for the ink-inclined.

Founded by Robert Boyle, owner of Brooklyn’s Nice Tattoo Parlor, Foreverist is on a mission to simplify the tattoo aftercare process, an often confusing ordeal.

Before launching the brand, Boyle — who works with lots of tattoo first-timers — noticed that clients tended to have the same questions about caring for their ink. “There wasn’t a single skincare brand I could point to that they could trust every step of the way,” he said.

“There are lots of individual products on the market to use at different stages — Aquaphor for this, Eucerin for that — but it was confusing for people, and I thought there had to be a better way.”

Thus, Foreverist was born.

Three simple products guide tattoo-getters through aftercare at every stage. Like its name suggests, the Healing Cream jumpstarts the healing process. According to Boyle, post-needle skincare is a bit of a balancing act — “[a fresh tattoo] needs to be protected but breathe, and the skin needs to be moisturized but not to the point of over-saturation.”

Formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, Foreverist’s step one cream finds that balance, removing the guesswork that many first-timers experience when caring for their freshly inked skin.

To maintain healed tattoos, the brand’s Hydrating Cream and Brightening Day Protection are your keys to vibrant ink for years to come. Both offerings help protect the skin against sun damage, which can wreck havoc on tattoos: the former contains Arctic Birch Bark Extract, an ingredient with antioxidant properties that help prevent UV-induced free radical damage, and the latter is a broad spectrum SPF 50.

While Foreverist is specifically formulated for tattooed skin, the brand doesn’t discriminate: non-tattooed folks can use it, too. So come one, come all — good skin this way.

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