For Rihanna & A$AP Rocky, Couple Dressing Is A Walk in the Park

It’s nothing like a summer night in the park. A cool breeze provides satisfying relief after a scorching sunny day. The sounds of nearby fountains and wind rustling the trees’ leaves set a calming mood. You stop to glance at the twinkling stars, but not the ones in the sky. I’m talking about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

In the wee hours of the morning on August 7, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky casually and stylishly sauntered through Central Park in New York City.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky — arguably the most fly couple, and I’m willing to argue – twinned in baggy jeans and shades during their cozy late-night visit to the park.

Rihanna wore a shredded striped blue shirt, adidas x Wales Bonner Samba sneakers, and gilded chains with her billowing denim trousers.

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky paired his baggy bottoms with a, erm, bullet-proof vest layered over a white long sleeve graphic tee.

I mean, he is a celebrity, folks. Protection, but make it fashion, right?

Anywho. Rocky always wore that anonymous hairy headwear again.

At this point, the eccentric headpiece is officially part of the rapper’s rewear rotation alongside his custom Serapis jersey and pink silky adidas pants.

Let me be clear: I’m not knocking the repetitive ‘fits. Witnessing a celeb wear a piece a few times is honestly relatable, impressive, and exemplary of genuine style in my book.

Very few can master the art of rewearability. However, it comes with ease to Mr. Fashion Killa himself.

Plus, we can’t blame Rocky’s recent stylish duplications, especially when they’re carried out merely to match the fly of his iconic girlfriend, Rihanna.

Who are we to get in the way of the flyest couple’s ‘fit supremacy?

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