Frank Ocean Wants You to Ice Out Your Manhood

Instead of dropping new music, Frank Ocean released an interesting product through his Homer jewelry brand: a gold, diamond-encrusted cock ring.

You can re-read the above sentence as much as you want, but I promise you it isn’t a typo.

Now, I’m not sure if Homer’s cock ring is intended for the usual pleasure enhancement purposes of placing a loop around one’s penis. Homer’s latest addition is, if nothing else, simply ice for one’s manhood.

Homer’s XXXL H-Bone ring , as the piece is called, is crafted from 18 karat gold encrusted with princess-cut and lab-grown diamonds, hence its why its selling for an eye-watering $25,570.

Though, fans think the whopping $25k price tag is price you pay for having a blessed Johnson.

In that case, little guys you may want to sit this drop out. Homer’s cock ring is for guys toting more than just big bucks.

Obviously, Homer’s model, who effortlessly flexed the brand’s c-ring on his pixelated genitalia in a NSFW flick, has no worries in that area.

With such risqué content coming from Frank Ocean, Highsnobiety’s Instagram page commenters had a field day with Homer’s XXXL H-Bone ring news.

“Siri play Rich $ex by Future,” one comment read. Another user stated, “Frank, how you drop a cock ring before an album bruh.”

Honorable mentions include “Frank Ocean: don’t be shy…try it on, Drake” and “Drake getting his credit card out right now.”

Drake is a Homer fan and lover of expensive things, having flexed the brand’s $2-million chain courtside in March.

But, if Drake were to cop, I doubt we’ll ever know about it. It’d be a shocker to catch Mr. Champagne Papi publicly flaunting his new c-ring on his privates. Unless…

Penial content aside, Ocean’s luxury jewelry brand also dropped more A-OK drip ranging from $310 silver keychains to $7,395 ruby-adorned pendants.

Coming just after the brand’s Chet Blue drop, the latest installment of the A-OK series also saw the restock of its A-OK ring, which is intended for finger wear only.

Pro NYC biker, future Oscar-winning director, wig enthusiast. Now, Frank Ocean can add intimate accessory expert to his resume.

It’s becoming difficult to keep up with Ocean’s hobbies nowadays. However, his music-focused day job apparently remains on the back burner. Maybe that’s why he’s soliciting tunes from his fans.

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