As Travis Rages, Kylie Dresses Like a Denim Superhero

It’s been a whirlwind recovery for Travis Scott, who’s back in the limelight like he never left. The rapper took London the weekend of August 7 for a pair of sold-out stadium shows alongside partner Kylie Jenner, child Stormi Webster, and a few celebrity pals.

Hard to think that mere months ago, Scott news was so hard to come by that even the reappearance of his Cacti seltzer was enough to spark headlines. Now, Scott is selling out the O2 Arena’s 20,000 seats.

There’s even been a few sold-out sneaker drops to build hype, as if Scott needed any additional cultural boost.

Scott most recently performed at Rolling Loud mere months after controversially teasing his next album, Utopia.

That’s not even the only festival or stadium set to host Scott this year.

Ever since announcing his “Project HEAL” initiative, any lingering concerns about Scott’s return since the Astroworld tragedy have seemingly been swept aside by the general public.

Scott’s fans, at least, certainly have forgotten or forgiven Astroworld entirely.

They were buying Scott’s Cactus Jack x Dior collection the moment it dropped, anyways, and you don’t pack stadiums with doubters.

Among the many outfits that Scott and Jenner wore during their London trip, perhaps the most notable is the above, which includes an archival Yohji Yamamoto leather jacket produced by Dainese, vintage Sex Pistols T-shirt — when in Rome? — Rick Owens pants and his latest collaborative Nikes.

Can’t say it’s for me but I assume the kids like it. But, nothing terribly crazy for Scott. The full Diesel look he wore on stage later was a bit more out-there, I suppose (the Kanye effect continues).

Jenner, meanwhile, looks like some kind of denim-clad superhero in her own leather jacket — vintage Mugler — denim skirt and space-age sunglasses.

This isn’t even Jenner’s most outlandish denim-centric outfit this month: the below Marine Serre creation takes the cake, though the fairly normal glasses worn by Jenner in the photo hit different than the tiny eye visors worn above.

The socialite has been using London’s mostly-mild summer weather to really dress up, though the couple’s child, Stormi Webster, has been outdressing her parents in line with the looks of most Kardashian Kids.

Jenner and Stormi witnessed Scott’s second and final set of the weekend on the evening of August 8.

Backstage, after the show, Jenner captured a brief video of Scott unleashing the rage, as his fans say.

She’s since deleted the clip from her TikTok but it remains in an Instagram carousel.

In it, a shirtless Scott roars and slams himself against a door as a bemused James Harden looks on. Kevin Durant shows up to spray Scott with champagne.

It’s a bizarre display, especially from the guy who’s presumably attempting to distance himself from Astroworld’s dangerously unruly crowd.

Certainly, one could chalk the display up to post-show excitement. But it’s not a great look given the former context.

Even on Kylie’s Instagram page, fans weren’t into it.

“That second to last video is so embarrassing,” one said. “How does that second last vid not give Kylie the ick,” another concurred.

Over on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ subreddit, commenters were even less amused.

Reactions ranged from “That’s… unflattering” to “Does she think this is cool or attractive?” as others simply reflected upon Astroworld.

“I feel so bad for Kylie,” another mused. “If I saw this behavior I would legit be scared. This isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ in the slightest.”

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