Dr. Barbara Sturm, Queen of Luxury Skincare, Launched a Podcast

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Beauty junkies, rejoice! Dr. Barbara Sturm, the German aesthetics doctor beloved for her signature facials and eponymous skincare line, just launched a podcast on all things beauty and health.

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Podcast, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, kicked things off with a four-part series on menopause. Co-hosted by Mariella Frostrup, author of Cracking the Menopause, the episodes discuss the traditionally taboo subject and its effects on work and relationships.

While menopause might not be the most engaging topic for Dr. Sturm’s legion of Gen Z devotees (Bella Hadid among them), her foray into podcasting — and the prospect of hearing the woman who created the “vampire facial” talk shop — is reason enough to hit “follow.”

Dr. Sturm began her career in orthopedics and helped pioneer an osteoarthritis treatment called the “Kobe Procedure,” which uses a patient’s own blood cells to soothe inflammation and jumpstart the healing process.

Translating her findings to the field of skincare and aesthetics, Dr. Sturm began developing a special “blood cream” (its official name is MC1), available exclusively to her clients. Completely customized to each patient, the cream is made with plasma harvested from said patient’s blood. According to Dr. Sturm and her lucky clients, the special plasma-boosted blend helps reduce redness, clear acne, and firm the face.

Basically, I’m eagerly awaiting on an entire podcast episode on the famed MC1 cream and its genesis.

Other subjects I’m hoping Dr. Sturm broaches: her retinol-free approach to skincare, her controversial $300 hyaluronic acid serum, and her experiences providing skincare treatments to the stars (Kate Moss, Cher, and Kim Kardashian are among her clients).

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