Joshua Vides Designed Spooky, Scary Suicokes

It’s not quite Halloween just yet but Joshua Vides and Suicoke are already setting the mood. The artist is ending summer on a high note — or is that a high bone?

No, it’s not. It’s actually the lowest bone on the body!

But Vides’ skeletonized Suicoke sandals do immediately put a tune in my head and I believe anyone who’s heard it before will feel similarly.

As a Summer Hater and Fall Enjoyer, I can’t wait to wrap up August and September so we can slide into some nice, cool climates. Or at least so I can escape the misery that is hot, humid East Coast summer.

Vides’ Suicoke shoes are a nice reminder that salvation is within grasp.

Launching August 12 on Suicoke’s web store and Joshua Vides’ site for $235, Vides’ Suicoke BITA sandal collab is nothing if not boney.

The black shoes are a totally revised Suicoke BITA sandal, swapping out the typical tabi toe for a conventional toebox, with Suicoke’s beefed up shark sole — no Vibram here — gives Vides’ shoes extra heft.

But that’s all the subtle stuff. The main attraction is, obviously, the skeletonized toes sketched atop the shoe’s neoprene upper.

The effect is more akin to COMME des GARÇONS’ toe derbies than Vandy The Pink’s Clarks or Amiri’s Skel sneakers.

Specifically, you get the effect of the wearer’s foot being x-rayed, as if the bare bones (literally) of what lays inside the shoe can be seen.

It’s costume-y in a wearable way, a little more art-on-your-sleeve than Vides’ Converse and New Balance collaborations, which leaned further into the artist’s thick, high-contrast linework.

There are a few other illustrations elsewhere around the Suicoke shoes but the skeleton feet are clearly the big feature.

Skeleton stuff is still very much the move and so much the better if it’s footwear-related.

Vides clearly gets the reason for the season.

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