Harlem’s Austin Millz Mixes With X By Glenmorangie

If you haven’t already heard, it’s the summer of X by Glenmorangie. No matter which warm weather beverage you like to enjoy, whether it be peach, lemonade, or tonic, this single malt scotch whisky has a rich flavor profile, making it perfect for mixing with any of your favorites.

To commemorate the movement, we teamed up with Glenmorangie to throw down NYC-style. With a custom cocktail list and Harlem’s very own Austin Millz on the decks, we kicked things off in a fashion as smooth and unique as the whisky itself.

To get more perspective on the Summer of X by Glenmorangie, we caught up with Millz after his set. Read more below and be sure to check out the artist’s custom setlist.

How did you get into DJing?

I got into DJing after I learned how to produce. I felt like it was a gradual transition and the next step after production to become a better artist. I wanted to play my beats and songs live and DJing was the perfect way to achieve that.

Is there any inspiration specific to Harlem that you integrate into your style?

My style is heavily inspired by Harlem. The debonair and classic vintage, yet innovative, flair of Harlem is apart of who I am. Growing up in Harlem, I experienced the full spectrum of style from flashiness to subtle fashion, and that versatility fully represents me.

What’s your creative process like when making a setlist?

When coming up with a setlist, I always think of how am I going to portray this audio journey to the listener. I want my sets to feel like an experience that goes from beginning, middle, and end.

Is there any sort of ritual or routine that you do ahead of a performance that helps put you in the zone?

In terms of putting myself in the zone, I like to take some time to myself right before the performance as well as take time to thank my team or whoever is with me at the show before I take the stage. I get hyped up and make sure to give thanks for being able to put on a show.

What qualities come to mind when you think of X by Glenmorangie? How did these characteristics or ideas inspire the unique setlist that you made for Glenmorangie?

When I think of X by Glenmorangie, I think sleek, clean, refined, and lively. These ideas inspired the unique setlist that I made because the set is filled with a lot of energy. It’s something you can play in any type of environment when you’re just trying to have a good time.

In which ways do you think X by Glenmorangie is unlike any other single malt whiskies?

I think what sets X by Glenmorangie apart from other whiskies is its look and, of course, its taste. From its refreshed design to the countless ways in which it can be mixed, X is easy-going, yet classic, which makes for a really unique feeling when enjoying it.

What’s your favorite way to mix X by Glenmorangie?

My favorite way to mix X by Glenmorangie is what I called “The Millz”. It is X by Glenmorangie mixed with lemon juice, blackcurrant, cordial, and agave syrup!

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