J Balvin in Dior’s ERL Capsule Is as Subtle as Ever

Subtlety isn’t a word you’d often associate with J Balvin. Whether he’s donning a bright green Louis Vuitton two-piece, turning up to Paris Fashion Week wearing a balaclava, or dying his hair basically every color imaginable, going under the radar isn’t really his thing.

For his latest red carpet showpiece, the artist arrived at the Annual Ace Awards clad in Dior men’s ERL capsule collection.

A purple and blue overshirt sat atop oversized blue pants, beneath a matching mini saddle and a purple wool felt high crown which rested above his head. Down below, a pair of skater Dior by ERL B9S sneakers in “Blue Satin” completed the look.

Clearly understatement doesn’t bode well with J Balvin. Earlier this year he appeared in New York’s SoHo neighborhood with girlfriend Valentina Ferrer and their child Rio, sporting a Balenciaga x Simpsons tee, LV cargo pants, and those wavy and controversial MSCHF kicks.

Back in June he turned up to Paris Fashion Week emerging from a blacked out car wearing a light up trench coat and a balaclava, a piece he then removed to reveal his newly-dyed lime green barnet.

J Balvin’s penchant for flare recently has also seen him recently reveal his latest upcoming collaboration with Nike, which will see the duo rework the Air Jordan 2, equipping them with light-up LED tech.

Whatever you think of J Balvin’s style, eccentricity is always assured. Whether he’s going mad on outerwear, dying zebra stripes into his hair, or rocking head-to-toe LV, he’s doing things his own way. And with this Dior men’s look, he’s doing it well, too.

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