Knee-High Socks Have Been Bella Hadid-Approved

Bella Hadid is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to following trends. Where others are often guided by new releases, exclusivity, and price tags, Hadid does her own thing – and well, too.

While it might not come as a surprise that one of the world’s most famous models dresses pretty well (no need to hold the front page for that one), it’s her effortless ability to accessorize and/or tweak otherwise normal people garments that tends to catch the eye.

Whether it’s nineties eyewear, crop tops, oversized belt buckles, or those jorts, Hadid’s natural ability to self-style is enviable, to say the least.

However, when it comes to socks, her game is on another level completely.

Recently spotted in New York City heading out to dinner with her boyfriend Marc Kaman, Hadid was captured in a typically nineties ensemble, which came equipped with a pair of knee-high black Nike socks.

A style usually saved for footballers and The Tudors, knee-high socks are becoming a bit of a theme for Hadid, whose been seen on countless occasions covered sock tight from the knee down.

Whether they’re paired with heels or sneakers (a pair of adidas Sambas being our favorite combination), the model’s ongoing case for making long socks a thing is a pretty compelling one. So: PULL ‘EM UP!

Setting trends has become something of a regular occurrence for Hadid. Unfortunately for someone who seldom follows them, when the streets of SoHo become awash with Bellunatics clad in knee-high socks, sneakers, and heels, where does she go next? We’re excited to see.

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