The Alexander McQueen Sprint Sneakers Are Here to Stay

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Alexander McQueen has been a major component of the luxury sneaker world for a long time now. The label’s chunky-soled tennis sneakers swept the market some seasons ago and have proven their enduring appeal since then, remaining one of the most popular designs to this day. And while we don’t expect that popularity to dwindle any time soon, there’s a new silhouette vying for attention and it might just get it.

The Alexander McQueen Sprint Sneakers were debuted on the women’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway. The modern, streamlined variation of a classic running sneaker features laced, metal-free uppers with the signature exaggerated sole unit that has come to typify McQueen sneakers.

Few designers have built the kind of reputation that Alexander McQueen did for subverting classic design language. Unique cuts, patterns, and proportions allowed the designer to carve out a space for himself in the history of fashion while appealing to a wider audience thanks to the echoes of familiarity. This is the mentality that underlines the Alexander McQueen Sprint Sneakers.

While the overall visual effect of the sneakers is one that we’ve seen before — sleek uppers that wouldn’t look out of place on a classic track sneaker from the ‘70s — the addition of the chunky sole unit as well as high-end embossed detailing to the sidewalls alter the final character of the design. This makes styling an easy job. The Alexander McQueen Sprint Sneakers are versatile and come in a range of seasonal colorways to experiment with.

Browse some of our favorites and watch the Sprint Sneaker in action below.

Shop our favorite colorways of the Alexander McQueen Sprint Sneakers below.


Sprint Runner
Sprint Runner
Sprint Runner


Sprint Runner
Sprint Runner

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