Fact: No One Makes Bags Like The North Face Purple Label

The North Face Purple Label might do TNF better than regular ol’ TNF. Operated by nanamica founder Eiichiro Homma, The North Face Purple Label takes everything great about the Californian company and filters it through a Japanese lens, informing the output with elements of retro aesthetics and pure style.

Peruse the seasonal TNFPL accessory offering and behold the results for yourself. Yep, even Purple Label’s bags are better than the regular stuff we get over here. Hell, they’re better than the stuff most clothing brands are doing in general.

Key to the Fall/Winter 2022 collection are these two nifty tote bags offered by The North Face Purple Label in a variety of handsome neutral tones.

Because this is TNFPL, these are no ordinary tote bags, but deeply considered examples of functional art.

TPE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) coating wraps the bags’ 1,000 denier polyester body, granting the totes stain, scuff, and moisture resistance. It also secures the retro North Face Berkeley-style logo printed on either side, a staple of The North Face Purple Label’s branding.

There’s so much more to explore beneath the surface.

You’ve got tanned leather handles that’ll age over time, generous interior that includes a zippered stash pocket, and a complementary drawstring pouch tucked inside.

This is fully inclusive design and it’s exactly what you expect from TNFPL.

Available on nanamica’s European website and soon at stockists like ARKNETS, Digital Mountain, Reggie Shop, and DEEPINSIDE — all of which ship internationally — the totes retail for ¥19,800 (large size, about $150) and ¥14,850 (smaller size, about $110)

Not keen on a tote? Dig into The North Face Purple Label’s killer daypacks, shoulder bags, pouches, duffles, and backpacks.

The packs are usually quite popular overseas but they’re all good stuff. Really makes me wanna urge anyone who appreciates the TNFPL aesthetic to dig into buying from Japan.

The North Face Purple Label isn’t the only cool facet of The North Face’s Japanese branch, of course.

Owned by Goldwin, TNF JP also creates niche clothing collections as specific as its maternity collection and indulges in collaborations with cool imprints like Hender Scheme.

It’s all good stuff and I can’t recommend getting into it any sooner than today. If these totes are your gateway drug, that’s a great place to start.

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