A Rare Opportunity to Shop ENDYMA’s Helmut Lang Archive

Of all the designers coveted by archival fashion experts, Helmut Lang may be the most important. Lang’s acclaimed designs were inherently important to the development of contemporary fashion but the key pieces aren’t easy to come by.

Sure, everyone and their grandma can get their hands on a vintage shirt or pair of paint-splattered jeans from Lang’s old collections — there are currently over 8k listings for secondhand Helmut Lang on Grailed — but when it comes to collecting the really rare stuff, the stuff that no one else has and barely anyone’s ever seen outside of Lang’s early-aughts showrooms, you need to go to a specialist.

That’s where ENDYMA comes in. The archive boasts what purports to be the world’s largest collection of OG Helmut Lang.

ENDYMA doesn’t normally sell its wares; it only offers garments on loan to stylists or curators.

There are rare occasions in which it digs into the collection, however, and selects a few items for sale, offered exclusively at one-off pop-up events at likeminded venues.

Legendary Berlin-based retailer Andreas Murkudis is one such establishment and, come August 20, it’ll be hosting ENDYMA’s next sale, alongside two other major moments in good taste.

The ENDYMA pop-up will include a vast array of classic Lang items, from a coated silk bondage bomber (Spring/Summer 2004) to a velvet-trimmed military shirt (Fall/Winter 1997) to a pair of titanium sunglasses (SS99).

There’s a comprehensive survey of Lang’s influence on display, though ENDYMA isn’t aiming to simply offer goods indicative of Lang’s lingering impact.

It’s inevitable that, with a creative who shaped clothing design as much as Lang, even a seemingly disparate selection of pieces will inadvertently reflect the cues that Lang introduced into the greater fashion lexicon.

For instance, Lang’s casual incorporation of militaria is fully on display through aforementioned pieces, a patched shirt, and waffle-knit shirt-skirt set, while his canniness for an uncomplicated silhouette — “real clothes,” if you will — rendered luxurious manifests in leather tailoring and graphic shirts cut from delicate cotton jersey.

Lots going on, suffice to say.

Also on August 20, Andreas Murkudis will launch Raf Simons’ KVADRAT “Shaker System” exclusively in Germany and introducing the fourth round of DAS HAUS interior goods, produced by furniture imprint e15.

Between the archival Lang, Simons’ minimalist shelving and e15’s intelligently designed chairs, there’s much to wrap your head (and body) around. It’s a good time to be in Berlin.

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