VanMoof’s Latest Ride Is E-Biking At Its Purest

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Dutch e-bike specialists VanMoof have formed a bit of a habit when it comes to setting industry standards.

Unlike many other bikes, each and every element of a VanMoof is essential. From its Integrated Theft Defense system and its kick lock, to an accelerating Turbo Boost function and a high-grade hydraulic brake system, if it has no use, VanMoof gets rid.

Following the launch of its S3 model midway through 2021, VanMoof has revealed a limited-edition iteration titled S3 Aluminum, which drops online on August 18.

Staying true to the brand’s foundational idea of there being “beauty in simplicity,” this limited-edition frame is an entirely stripped back take on the original, and comes equipped with a brushed aluminum frame and VanMoof’s raw welding.

A neat Intelligent Motor is the power behind the Aluminum S3, delivering a natural ride-feel, while running almost near-silently, even at top speed.

The fully-integrated handlebars, one piece saddle, and 28-inch tyres all arrive in signature black, while subtle branding on the top tube nods to the very first iteration of the straight frame made by the brand back in 2009, the M1.

Put simply, the S3 Aluminum is electric riding in its purest form. Derived from any non-essentials, fancy colorways, or unwarranted gadgets, it’s a bike that delivers exactly what it promises. The future is e-bikes, the future is VanMoof.

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