Adam Driver Reprises Role as Hot Italian Man

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Last month, Adam Driver reprised his role as Hot Animorph for Burberry. Now, the actor is reprising a less-viral yet equally hot part: Hot Italian Man.

If you lived for Driver in House of Gucci, an objectively bad movie made somewhat watchable by its incredible cast, there’s more where that came from. Our unproblematic king is busy at work embodying another famous Italian businessman, Enzo Ferrari, the race-car driver and Ferrari founder.

Driver began filming Ferrari, directed by Michael Mann, in Italy on August 1. Clear images of the actor on set have yet to surface, but Penelope Cruz — portraying Ferrari’s wife, Laura — was spotted earlier this month in Modena.

Joining the cast alongside the Vicky Christina Barcelona star and our favorite centaur are Christian Bale, Patrick Dempsey, and Shailene Woodley.

Italian thing aside, it’s easy to imagine Ferrari going a lot like House of Gucci. Ridley Scott gave us a thirst-inducing photo of Driver’s Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga’s Patrizia Reggiani cozying up in après skiwear — will Mann will offer squeal-inducing shots of Driver and Cruz as Mr. and Ms. Ferrari in… matching racing gear?

How about a raunchy sex scene between the on-screen couple, à la that infamous House of Gucci moment?

While I’d love for Driver and Cruz to become the internet’s next “mom and dad” moment, fingers crossed Ferrari improves upon House of Gucci in two main areas: quality of Italian accent and flop factor.

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