Bennifer Is Doing It Again

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, America’s celebrity couple du jour, are so rich and in love that they’re getting married again, this time at Affleck’s suspiciously plantation-y estate in Riceboro, Georgia — the same venue they planned to marry at in 2003, before they said “nvm” and called the whole thing off.

The ceremony will reportedly take place on August 20 with a barbecue and picnic to follow on August 21. Fellow celebs Matt Damon, Drea de Matteo (!), and Affleck’s problematic younger brother, Casey, are expected to attend.

Bennifer’s second wedding comes a month after they tied the knot in Las Vegas à la Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, another famous it-couple. It’s worth noting that Kravis had a total of three weddings, setting a precedent for folks like J.Lo and Ben to top.

Post-Vegas, the newlyweds headed to Paris, where Lopez shopped at Dior and Affleck looked moody. Back in the states, they toasted their marriage at Ben’s favorite place: Dunkin’ Donuts.

While celebrities having multiple weddings strikes as the sort of impractical phenomenon only fame and wealth can afford, I’ve gotta say: good for Bennifer! It’s been 20 years since they first met, got engaged, broke up, cycled through several rebounds, and got back together again. If any couple “deserves” to get married twice, it’s them.

Here’s hoping they draw the line at a sponcon wedding, though.

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