Elsa Hosk’s Bizarre Jean Boots Have Inspired TikTok’s Latest DIY

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Another day, another TikTok trend. A recent ‘fit pic posted by Elsa Hosk has creators cutting the legs off their jeans in an attempt to emulate the model and influencer.

On June 4, Hosk shared a photo of herself in a pair of Frankenstein-ian boots, a sort of cross between denim leg-warmers and pointy-toed heels. The eye-catching shoes, also worn by Julia Fox, are made by Kalda, an Icelandic footwear brand that boasts Bella and Gigi Hadid among its fans.

Inspired, TikTokers have been slashing their flared jeans just above the knee and layering them over boots they already own for an easy, fairly inexpensive DIY.

If you’re not keen on crafting, Kalda’s original pair — dubbed the “Bux Denim Jeans Boot” — is available for pre-order, priced at €550.

While not an outright dupe, TikTok’s industrious DIY is yet another example of Gen Z’ers latching on to a celebrity outfit and getting the look for less.

During prom season, teens flocked to fast fashion retailer Bella Barnett for its $110 dupe of the vintage Chanel Haute Couture gown that Lily-Rose Depp wore to the 2019 Met Gala. The knockoff’s popularity rendered it the official prom dress of 2022.

And when Harry Styles was spotted in a colorful patchwork cardigan by JW Anderson, dedicated fans took to the video app showing off their crocheted recreations of the designer sweater. Responding to the trend, Jonathan Anderson himself eventually released a free pattern for the $1,560 topper.

The popularity of dupes and DIYs on TikTok isn’t entirely surprising. Many of the app’s younger users can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on designer wares. Taking things into their own hands (literally) is the next best thing.

And don’t forget that more young people are intentionally buying counterfeit fashion. Clearly, there’s no shame in the copycat game.

As for TikTok’s Elsa Hosk hack? I’m not exactly rushing to cut the legs off my jeans, but you do you, Gen Z.

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