Salomon Collaborations Are the Best in the Game, Change My Mind

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The reign of Salomon is far from over. The French brand rode the wave of technical style with finesse over recent years, going from the brand your dad wore hiking to the unofficial uniform of Fashion Week. This move has largely been down to the brand’s XT-4, XT-6, and XT-Wings silhouettes which, each season, are given some of the best colorways in the game. That’s not the whole story, though, because Salomon collaborations can’t be overlooked.

While other names rely on their collaborations to cement their reputation, dropping a new partnership every week, Salomon collaborations are much less common. This is maybe because the brand doesn’t need the boost right now. A byproduct of this infrequency is that Salomon collaborations hold all the more weight when they do drop.

Working with names like Palace, Dover Street Market, Hidden NY, and more, the standard of Salomon collaborations is some of the highest in the world of sneakers. As proof, we’ve put eight of our favorite Salomon collaborations to shop from StockX in a list below.

Shop the best Salomon collaborations below.

Hidden NY XT-4

What started as an Instagram moodboard has become something a whole lot bigger. Hidden NY has collaborated with brands like Salomon and Needles already, so we’re excited to see what the future has to hold for the burgeoning name.

L’Art de L’Automobile ACS Pro

ACS PRO Advanced Kar L'Art de L'Automobile

One of Salomon’s latest silhouettes is the ACS Pro which struck a chord instantly. The brutalist design was recently given a colorful new look at the hands of L’Art de L’Automobile, Paris’ favorite luxury car retailer.

Bodega X-Mission 4

X-Mission 4 Bodega Full Bleed

Bodega has a long history of best-in-class collaborations and the Salomon X-Mission 4 is up there with the most underrated of them all. The X-Mission 4 as a silhouette is rarely spoken about, so when Bodega chose it for its collaborations canvas, it came as a surprise. It’s evidence of the depth of Salomon’s silhouette catalog.

END XT-Wings 2

XT-Wings 2 END Sirocco

Teaming up with British retailer END, Salomon brought in a new colorway to rival even some of the best in-house palettes. The Scirocco colorway blends sandy neutrals for a take on the XT-Wings 2 which works in every season.

Dover Street Market XT-6

XT-6 Adv Dover Street Market Black
XT-6 Adv Dover Street Market

Continuing its work with legendary retailers, Salomon tapped Dover Street Market to remix the fan-favorite XT-6 silhouette. The simple colorways have the feel of mainline palettes which, when we’re talking about Salomon, is high praise. Landing in black and silver versions, you can pick whether you’d like to go big or keep things quiet.

Palace XT-6

XT-6 Palace Lilac Grey
XT-6 Palace Black Safety Yellow

On the other end of the spectrum, Palace opted for the polar opposite of neutrals. Fluoro coloring combines with animal print, stripes, and speckles for sensory overload in footwear form.

It wasn’t all so bold for Salomon x Palace, though. If you’re a fan of the prints but would rather keep things more toned-down, opt for the black pair, which pits the darkened backdrop with highlighter yellow hits to the sole unit and laces.

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