Addison Rae’s Boyfriend Has Mastered Health Goth

You might not know the name Omer Fedi but you’ve probably heard some of the music he’s worked on: the Israeli producer has received major industry platitudes for his work on hits like 24kGoldn’s “Mood,” Lil Nas X’s “Montero,” and the entirety of Machine Gun Kelly’s chart-topping Tickets to My Downfall.

Impressive stuff for any 22-year-old but Fedi’s multi-talented. He’s simultaneously ushering in the next generation of health goths.

It’s a shame that Fedi is probably best known for being Addison Rae’s boyfriend, because his style is interesting enough to stand on its own, Then again, when you’re in a relationship with probably the most famous person on TikTok, there’s only so much you can do.

I bring this up specifically because Rae and Fedi spending their August vacationing in scenic Portofino, Italy, where it’s always bikini weather. Note that Rae apparently left the controversial Praying bikini at home.

But this isn’t about Rae, at least not this time. We’re talking Fedi and, specifically, the comfy cargo outfit he’s been wearing throughout mid-August.

While Rae charms in easy, sunny sportswear, Fedi is relatively layered, preferring baggy neutral tones to anything even moderately revealing.

His go-to look, in fact, appears to be one of several monochrome T-shirts, Doublet’s baggy cargo shorts, and those Rick Owens Geth sneakers that’ve been making the rounds these days.

It’d be a normal enough fashion-y look on its own, but Fedi really drives the aesthetic home with his signature Balenciaga sunglasses, nail polish, and dramatically dyed red hair that nearly matches Rae’s bright one-piece swimsuit.

Fedi’s got a similar style to his pal MGK but, honestly, I’d say Fedi wears clothes better.

Again, this is all about Fedi channeling health goth on a regular basis, whether it’s while running errands or at award shows.

It’s not just a phase, mom.

To be clear, health goth was a thing over a decade ago (has it been so long? Ugh) though it’s flared up here and there as trends so often do.

Today’s health goth maintains some of the same cues as their forebears — neutral colors, loose graphic T-shirts, baggy pants, athletic shoes, statement hair — but contemporize it with on-trend brands and more apt statement pieces. Y’know, what the kids are wearing.

Given Fedi’s beachside vacay, actually, perhaps it’d be better to describe his current look at beach goth instead.

For some reason, this group called The Growlers comes up when you search for beach goth music. I was actually looking for the WAVVES song of the same name but, then again, I’m still stuck in the 2010’s.

Anyways, Fedi normally wears designer stuff that I usually don’t feel any kinda way about — it’s not so hard to look cool in full Balenciaga, IMO — but there’s something especially salient about how his slouchy style contrasts against Rae’s sunnier vibes.

I also appreciate the specificity of the shorts, the sneakers. It’s similar to the other celebs flexing Balenciaga these days but different enough to be worth a look.

And I can’t be mad at anyone bringing back health goth, even inadvertently.

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