Jewelry Is One of The Best Ways to Elevate Your Fit

Since the age of kings, we humans have been obsessed with jewelry. Using the shiniest of precious metals, the flashiest of gems, and most tedious processes, we’ve used jewelry as an extension of ourselves and our status in the world.

I am not Dr. Freud or anything, but I am pretty sure flexing is a core component of the human experience. But I digress. The questions today across fashion-filled social feeds are still the same. How do you style jewelry, and what are the best jewelry brands?

Specifically, in the realms of jewelry for men things can get convoluted. You can go from looking like A$AP Rocky to Slick Rick the Ruler real fast (No, disrespect to the Ruler, he’s one of the GOATs). Today’s curated guide will help you find the right jewelry for your fit, using a healthy mix of seasonless go-to’s and trendy, eye-catching pieces that are sure to shake up your wardrobe.

Shop the best Men’s Jewelry Below

Maria Black Gold-Plated Slick Huggie Hoop Earring

You can thank Michael Jordan for making the gold hoop earring relevant. Though part of the meta now, the hoop earring was a bit controversial when MJ was hooping in his prime (see what I did there). Today’s earring is brought to you by Maria Black — a Danish-born jeweler with a knack for making stunning sculptural designs that look good, no matter your style preference. Still considered a statement, the hoop earring compliments any fits in any formal or casual setting.

Le Gramme Polished Ribbon Hoop Earring

If gold is too flashy for your taste, the French brand Le Gramme has something for you. Still hooping it up, this earring comes in an understated 0.9 gram polished sterling silver with industrial-like detailing. I’d rock this comfortably with my Alyx fit.

In Gold We Trust Needle Bearing Ring

After all these years, industrial-style jewelry is still having a moment. Why? Pieces like In Gold We Trust’s Needle Bearing Ring are accessible and are easy to integrate into your wardrobe. Hell, you can rock multiple pieces like these and just look like a Berliner on a Tuesday.

Hatton Labs Eternity Ring

Hatton Labs takes its design process seriously, using cutting-edge technology to bless us with a mix of forward-thinking men’s jewelry pieces and gram-friendly trendsetters. This ring is made from 925 sterling silver paired with some CZs for a full-on icy look.

Dries van Noten – Logo Tag Bracelet Silver

Are you a fan of everything Dries, or have a partner who is? You’re welcome.

Sweetlimejuice Slender Mixed Chain Necklace

Slender Mixed Chain Necklace

Necklaces that deconstruct the classic chain motif and try something new are always welcome. Sweetlimejuice gives us just that, handcrafted in sterling silver with a nice branded box logo. I’ll take two.

Alighieri The Dante Chain Necklace

The Dante Chain Necklace

Maybe it’s the 90s hip-hop in me, but a gold chain is an ultimate staple in your jewelry rotation. You can go big like Watch the Throne era Ye, or keep simple and understated with something like Alighieri’s Dante Chain necklace. It’s a piece that can add just the right amount of pop to a basic t-shirt.

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