Off-White’s Nike Air Force 1 Mid Gets Graffed

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Even in passing, Virgil Abloh’s work with Nike continues to bare fruit. Thanks to the heightened success of “The Ten,” followed by a well-appreciated effort with “The 50,” there was a universal understanding that not only would there be more releases to come, but there was plenty that we’d yet to have seen behind the scenes.

Since we lost Virgil almost a year ago, his Off-White x Nike releases have continued to flow, bringing many rumored, teased, and undercover sneakers into the spotlight.

In a move that seems to follow a current market trend, the Air Force 1 Low has been a priority silhouette for the ongoing collaboration, with a handful of bold color swaps, as well as the first city-exclusive in the form of a greyscale finish, leading the pack.

Perhaps a pack dedicated to the AF1 was in the works to follow the Dunk Low-focused “The 50,” matching Abloh’s work bringing the Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 collection to life – “The 100,” anyone?

Following the release of the detail-heavy, two-piece pack of AF1 Mids that touched down earlier this year, a new graffiti sample has surfaced on Instagram via sample collector Carter Wang.

It’s unclear if this pair will ever make it to retail, but considering the 90s hip-hop influence of the design, which plays heavily into some of the themes seen in Virgil’s final LV collections, it does feel like this could have been a natural next step.

As more and more AF1s spiral into view, we’re all left wondering what will possibly come next – because if anything is true, it’s that Virgil was never not working.

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