The New Face of Cosmetic Injectables Is… Joe Jonas?

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Joe Jonas is on a quest to make cosmetic injectables unisex. The most famous Jonas brother has signed on as the face of Xeomin, an FDA-approved Botox alternative. (This might explain why the singer has been looking so good as of late.)

The treatment, first approved for cosmetic use in 2011, is a form of botulinum toxin — just like Botox. In fact, the two injectables work the same way: by blocking movement in the muscles that cause wrinkles in the face and forehead.

In 2020, Xeomin tapped Gwyneth Paltrow — doctors’ least-favorite wellness guru — as its first spokespersom. The company’s pivot to Jonas shows just how much the beauty landscape has changed.

Injectables have always been available to both men and women, but marketing (and demand) skews heavily towards the latter. In 2015, the American society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery found that women accounted for 90.6 percent of all nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, a category that includes Botox injections.

As customers begin to evolve past gender binaries, Xeomin is wise to cater to a mostly untapped market. In fact, Jonas himself said that he hopes to reduce the hush-hush nature of men getting cosmetic procedures by partnering with the company.

“It’s something people obviously do and maybe they shy away from talking about it,” he told WWD. “It’s everyone’s choice if they don’t want to speak on it and that’s totally fine, but I think it doesn’t need to be something that has to be a secret. I hope to encourage people to feel like it’s not a big deal for them, meaning they don’t need to be nervous about speaking about how they take care of their body.”

Jonas’ sentiments reflect a growing trend in the aesthetics world. During the pandemic, the “Zoom effect” led more men to seek out cosmetic treatments, including filler and anti-wrinkle injections.

Jacob Steiger, a plastic surgeon in Miami, told The New York Times that male patients now account for about 25 percent of clients, versus approximately 10 percent pre-pandemic.

So come one, come all — we’re all getting Xeomin shots this summer!

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