Fall Is the Best Season for Color & Here’s Why

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At Highsnobiety, we make no secret of the fact that summer’s our least favorite season. The main positive about summer is that it’s followed by fall, which, upon consideration, is probably our favorite of them all. Why? Dressing just gets way more interesting in fall. The main reason? Fall clothes colors.

Sure, layering is great, and we love our heavy wools and knitwear as much as the next person but there’s no way around the fact that fall clothes colors are the best in the game. For starters, fall’s arrival means that we can put the idea of bright color-blocking in the past to be replaced by the best colors for fall clothing: rich greens, browns, oranges, and general earth tones.

Below, with the help of MATCHESFASHION, we’ve picked out three colors for fall clothing that we think will characterize our get-up this season. Burnt orange, moss green, and deep brown are our favorite fall clothing colors in 2022, and we’ve rounded up some of the best pieces to show your love for these earth tones. Shop names like Marni, Issey Miyake, Salomon, and more below.

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Wales Bonner Sweater Vest

Wales Bonner’s seasonal palette is always on point. For FW22, the British designer looks to our favorite fall clothes colors like this orange-yellow sweater vest. The palette is super easy to style.

Miharayasuhiro Hank Original Sole Trainers

Hank Original Sole Trainers

Texture is a major part of fall, too. So, while this pair of Hank Trainers by the inimitable Miharayasuhiro are here because of their burnt orange hue, it’s also worth noting the beautiful hairy suede that forms the upper.

Jacques Marie Mage Taos Sunglasses

Taos Sunglasses

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that the sun’s gone forever. It might be less common, but that’s why we’re sticking to lightly tinted lenses. Jacques Marie Mage’s Taos Sunglasses come in a range of fall clothing colors but we’re big on this orange pair with light blue lenses.


YMC Sweater


YMC really comes into its own when we hit fall. The brand is a specialist in knitwear so it’s no surprise that our wardrobe will feature between two and four perfect lambswool knits from the label. The first to be introduced? This beautiful moss-green edition.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-Leg Trousers

Issey Miyake sadly passed away recently, and it’s made us look at his unmatched output with new eyes. The designer’s pleated creations always make up a solid chunk of our wardrobe no matter what season we’re in, but this year they gain a touch more importance.

Salomon XA Pro 3D Runner

XA Pro 3D Runner

We love Birkenstocks, don’t get us wrong, but when we’ve worn them every day for the last two months, they lose some of their attraction. Now, we’ve got eyes for the chunky, rugged designs of Salomon again and this pair in perfect fall colors is a big priority.


Port Tanger Kuky Sunglasses

Kuky Sunglasses

We have already sung the praises of tinted-lens sunglasses for fall. If you’re looking for something less bold than the Jacques Marie Mage selection from earlier, this Port Tanger pair should fit the bill.

Ahluwalia Dapo Mackintosh

Dapo Mackintosh

From a distance, the Dapo Mackintosh by Ahluwalia looks like it’s cut from black wool, but closer inspection shows that it’s just very dark brown. It’s the perfect embodiment of one of our favorite fall clothes colors. All the pros of black, but with a bit more personality.

Marni Cargo Trousers

Cargo Trousers

Marni continues the dark-brown love with this pair of cargo trousers. Cargo trousers are an unusual proposition from Marni, but we’re not complaining.

Lemaire Piped Slip-On Shoes

Piped Slip-On Shoes

Lemaire’s takes on loafers and slip-ons are often the best on the market. This season we’re treated to these piped slip-ons, made with supreme finesse for when you want an air of formality without the stuffiness.

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