‘Selling Sunset’ Just Lost Its Undisputed Style Star, Christine Quinn

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Selling Sunset has lost its crown jewel. Christine Quinn, reality television’s satisfyingly unabashed villain, will not return to the Netflix show, nor appear on its next two seasons.

All signs pointed to Quinn’s unfortunate exit. The show’s fifth and most recent season saw the real estate broker return to the Oppenheim Group after maternity leave, only to (allegedly) bribe a client. After skipping the season reunion, Quinn terminated her contract at the O Group to focus on her and her husband’s new brokerage, RealOpen.

Still, the departure is a real loss for tea-sipping reality TV fans like me. Aside from hijinks, Quinn brought some seriously over-the-top fashion to the small screen. Remember her crystal-encrusted french fry purse? (Not by Judith Leiber as one might assume, but the work of Akira.) How about her light-up Louis Vuitton Keepall, which she carried as an inexplicably giant work bag?

Join me in remembering Quinn’s best style moments, on screen and off. (Pro tip: scroll while listening to the Selling Sunset soundtrack.)

The engagement party

Christine Quinn gaslit me into believing that coordinating your outfit to a living, breathing zebra makes sense.

The black wedding dress

A Galia Lahav custom, Quinn’s jet-black wedding dress was just as over-the-top as the ceremony itself, complete with fake snow, black champagne, and more live animals, this time a pair of literal black swans.

The Versace maternity moment

The Barocco beret was completely necessary.

The leash dress

Barbie gone BDSM? Quinn accessorized a pink AREA dress with a studded choker that appears to attach to a matching leash, which she kept secured around her wrist.

The My Little Pony cosplay

You already know I love a horse girl, so Quinn’s furry pony purse — complemented by a furry platforms — had me at hello.


It takes real talent to make jeggings, a cursed relic of the early 2010s, look somewhat acceptable.

The Diesel flex

Following in the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner, Quinn sported that metallic Diesel dress, paired with the label’s now-ubiquitous 1D bag.

The beach balaclava


The Haute Couture debut

You know you’re a bonafide fashion girlie when you walk Balenciaga Haute Couture alongside Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian.

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