Forget Sephora — The Best Beauty Finds Are at TJ Maxx


Get in loser, we’re going to TJ Maxx. The off-price retailer, once considered the “dirty little secret” of luxury deal-hunters, is now everyone’s favorite beauty supply store.

How did the home of discount Gucci become a beauty mecca? A well-timed combination of economic factors, plus everyone’s favorite short form video app: TikTok.

According to WWD, the early pandemic — which dealt a huge blow to vendors and brands — allowed companies like TJ Maxx to snatch up large volumes of excess inventory.

“They got their hands on a lot of inbound inventory, which allows them to stock into those sections with more consistency,” Jefferies analyst Steph Wissink told the publication. “It looked more like a traditional merchandising assortment than it did this rummage sale one-off.”

Off-price retailers were met with another opportunity when global supply chain disruptions resulted in shipping delays, causing massive backlog and canceled orders. Brands were once again left with an oversupply of product, subsequently channeled to stores like TJ Maxx.

As customers noticed an influx of prestige and “mass-tige” beauty brands such as Fenty Beauty, Laneige, and Glossier (gasp!) at discount stores, they began documenting their impressive finds on TikTok, persuading viewers to partake in the trend. The hashtag #tjmaxxbeautyfinds — which boasts nearly 3 million views at publishing — is home to countless videos showing off the high-end products TikTokers have discovered at the retail chain.

As inflation continues to wreck havoc on our wallets, it’s easy to imagine plugged-in customers turning to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to find their favorite beauty products for less. In fact, WWD reports that a larger number of brands are selling directly to off-price stores to strategically target customers. In other words: going off-price isn’t always a sign of weakness; it’s a wise move.

So the next time you’re thinking of restocking at Sephora, try TJ Maxx first. Their shelves might look more alike than you’d expect.

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