Here’s How to Buy Your First Ferrari for Less than $1000

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At Highsnobiety, we’re big Ferrari stans. Which other marque has made such a deep imprint on culture? So, when we heard you could cop a Ferrari F50 for under $800, we thought it sounded too good to be true. In a major way, it is. But in another way, and with a bit of imagination, it’s not. Sure, the F50 is 1/18th the size of a real, functioning F50, but despite its size, the Amalgam Ferrari F50 is built to the exact specifications of the 4.7-liter V12-powered icon resplendent in Rosso Corso.

This goes for each one of Amalgam’s painstakingly constructed models. Each of these iconic machines is built by hand to the exact specs of the original design. Using private CAD data from the marques themselves, Amalgam models are millimeter-perfect recreations of some of history’s greatest cars. In fact, Amalgam model cars are so immaculately built that they’re frequently used as test models for the manufacturers as well as being the pride of many private collections.

In the same way that a Richard Mille or Patek Philippe timepiece is put together, Amalgam exemplifies the absolute pinnacle of precision in a small package. That’s why you shouldn’t be shocked to see some fairly hefty price tags. Take this 1:8 model of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ‘Monza’, which won the Monaco GP in 1932: taking a team of expert craftsmen over 500 hours to build using thousands of precisely engineered castings, photo-etchings, and CNC machined metal components, it’s no surprise that it racks up a $21,995 cost.

But while you can drop big money on larger models, it’s also possible to secure a piece of motoring history for less than $1000. The aforementioned Ferrari F50 joins a number of F1 recreations, including Lando Norris’ 2021 Monaco Grand Prix McLaren on the lower end of the price scale.

It’s not all cars, either. One of the pieces that really caught our eye and is sure to get F1 hearts beating is an exact 1:1 recreation of a Ferrari SF21 steering wheel. Complete with fully working buttons, switches, and paddles, you can pretend to be Leclerc or Sainz without the pressure of cornering at 180mph.

Shop the best Amalgam models below.

Ferrari SF21 1:1 Model Steering Wheel
Lando Norris McLaren MCL35M 2021 Monaco Grand Prix 1:18 Model Car

Lando Norris McLaren MCL35M 2021 Monaco Grand Prix 1:18 Model Car

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Mercedes Amg F1 W11 EQ Performance (2020) 1:8 Model Car
Mercedes-Benz SSKL 1:8 Model Car
Ferrari SF90 Spider Limited Edition 1:8 Model Car

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