Michael B. Jordan Is Living Proof That Sleeves Are Irrelevant

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, consider Michael B. Jordan’s bare, muscular arms at The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power‘s red carpet the most obvious reminder that we as a society have evolved past the need for sleeves. On August 15, Jordan stepped out to the LA premiere in slick outfit that epitomizes his ongoing beatification as Fit God.

Guided by stylist Jason Bolden, Jordan’s wardrobe has subtly shifted over the past few years.

He’s still wearing his anime T-shirts, don’t get me wrong, but Jordan’s also mixing things up with en vogue menswear tropes, a mélange of crocheted shirts and gently heeled boots.

Jordan’s bare-chested, sleeveless look is only the latest example of an already fairly stylish dude finding his stylistic voice with help from a pro. Jordan just so happens to simultaneously reap the benefits of being stunningly chiseled.

Wearing a slim diamond necklace, watch, and white loafers, Jordan’s look is an immaculate illustration of power-dressing with barely any clothes at all.

Really, the actor’s only wearing two garments: a metallic-tinged grey sleeveless Chanel vest and deeply pleated slacks from The Row.

It’s quite similar to The Rock’s exquisitely simple tank top style from the other week, material evidence that it simply looks good to tuck a sleeveless shirt into some big billowy slacks.

And it doesn’t hurt to be cut AF.

Michael B. Jordan is dressed a bit more elegantly, though no hate to The Rock’s off-duty outfit vibes.

The knitted Chanel pullover top — itself quite a rarity considering that Chanel doesn’t really do menswear outside of its Pharrell collab — adds color contrast and textural intrigue to the trousers’ understated woven wool, for instance, which is exactly the kind of understated detail that separates a good look from a fire fit.

Plus, the cut of everything is exactly on-point. There’s a little bit of that little top big pants energy in Jordan’s styling, versatile proportions that work as well for men as they do for women.

Mirin’ the drip? Well, you’ll also have to be the star of a billion dollar movie to match Jordan.

It’s a challenge to procure Chanel’s ready-to-wear as-is but finding a seemingly bespoke shirt that fits large enough for someone as ripped as Michael B. Jordan is a Herculean effort in itself. Expect four figures.

Then, his pants appear to be another bespoke order but this time from The Row, another luxury label as enigmatic as it is expensive.

The shape is similar to the $1,390 Lashito Pant but is, again, seemingly tailored to Jordan’s taste and body.

Still, you could likely acquire some comparably sleek tanks and trousers to get a similar look at a more approachable price.

Whether you cough up the big bucks or if you’re more budget-conscious, it’s all good. Really, the big takeaway here is that it’s prime time to bare those arms.

No need to go wild with Rick Owen’s tiny tank, though: from Prada’s seemingly normal white top to the Julia Fox-approved Seks Hanes customs, there’s a lot of room to dress with less.

If that all sounds scary, just glance back up at Michael B. Jordan’s handsome smile. That’s aspiration, right there.

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