Now You Can Smell Like Germany’s Biggest Fashion Influencer

Celebrity fragrances can be a polarizing subject, understandably. Just because you admire someone, doesn’t mean you want to smell like them. But Jstin, one of Germany’s most popular fashion influencers and founder of the fast-growing brand Peso, clearly doesn’t fall into that category. His first fragrance sold out in just 17 hours.

Riding off the success of Orodion, Jstin is releasing a second, summery scent, Orodion Blanc, in partnership with leading European fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz. “We received outstanding feedback from the community on the scent of Orodion. The second fragrance Orodion Blanc will take the brand to the next level – we can’t wait to release it,” says Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz.

“Aside from clothing, it was always a dream for me to create my own scent. I have been very interested in perfume for a long time. Orodion, as well as Orodion Blanc, represent exactly what I have always been looking for in fragrances – they are exceptionally rich in contrast, highly exclusive and thus memorable. Something you have not smelled yet,” shared Jstin. “I want someone who wears this Orodion Blanc to feel as though they are surrounded by a smooth cloud of the fragrance that leaves a lasting impression wherever they are.”

Created with the help of Firmenich and Parisian perfumer Amandine Clerc Marie, the fragrance isn’t the fresh, ocean-like aromas typical of most summer scents. “I imagined this perfume as a tribute to one of the noblest and most emblematic materials in men’s wardrobe,” says Marie. “I chose to deconstruct leather notes to reveal the unexpected facets of this material, for a modern signature full of ambivalence.”

Made using the most premium ingredients, Orodion Blanc opens with a liqueur-like facet of spicy plum, before giving way to scents of leather, amber, and sandalwood. Touches of vanilla and jasmine bring a hint of sweetness to the earthy, mystical perfume. The all-white Orodion Blanc bottle is minimal and modern, reflecting the elegant scent bottled within.

Whether you’re one of Jstin’s million followers, want to smell like German fashion success, or are simply after a refreshingly different summer fragrance, get ready for Oriodion Blanc to drop.

Orodion Blanc will be available exclusively online at from August 19 at 6 p.m. CET.

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