Kendall Jenner Co-Signs Surprisingly Normal Shoes

When you’re a wealthy famous person, you get anything you want. When you’re a Jenner/Kardashian, you get anything you want and more. So, when one of the Kardashian clan elects to wear something relatively normal, it’s worth a second look.

Kendall Jenner, the world’s highest-paid model that she is, could be wearing nothin’ but expensive, exclusive garms should she so decide to.

And yet, here she is strolling around a Whole Foods parking lot in a pair of adidas Samba sneakers! What cheek!

Now, it’s obviously not crazy to see rich people flexing normal clothing, especially when it comes to footwear.

Kanye’s $43 Met Gala Dickies jacket is a great example but even the Samba itself has become a sort of egalitarian rallying cry, having been tacitly approved by folks as famously stylish as Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

Given that the internet is set ablaze any time someone steps out in basic Vans sneakers — let alone a crochet shirt — there’s value in pointing out big moments for little shoes.

No hate to the humble Samba, either: the old-school soccer silhouette has had a banner year, peaking with Wales Bonner’s take on the low-key sneaker becoming one of 2022’s hottest shoes.

Yours for $100 if you prefer the sleek vegan shoes preferred by Kendall or $75 for the original high-tongued model, adidas Samba is a killer all-purpose shoe, useful in any manner of outfit.

It’s kind of the new-age Onitsuka Tiger in a sense, whereas that low-profile trainer was a go-to steppin’ out shoe for quietly stylish folks from a different generation and the Samba — which is of the same era, mind you — has been adopted by folks epitomizing tastefully understated fashion of today.

In fact, Jenner’s off-the-runway looks encapsulate this ethos just as well as any other off-duty model.

Compare her no-nonsense New Balance flex with the progressive fashion of Bella Hadid, for instance.

Is Bella’s personal style arguably more interesting? Sure! Is Kendall Jenner’s casually opulent casual style more aspirational for the average person? Totally!

In that sense, there’s no one better than Jenner to epitomize the pairing of a giant tote, green tank, and form-fitting skirt with ultra-normal Sambas.

Kendall Jenner ain’t reinventing the wheel but, like the humble Samba itself, there’s nothing wrong with doing simple stuff super well.

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